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Improve Your Bathroom Experience with the PoopSTICK

Everyone wants to have the best bathroom experience especially people with constipation issues, hemorrhoids, and those with medical issues. The standard toilets make it impossible to achieve healthy elimination because of the upright sitting position. This is where the PoopSTICK device comes in to help users have the best bathroom experience by elevating the body in a natural squatting position that makes eliminating easier. The PoopSTICK device raises your knees above your hips, which reduces strain on your body to allow for maximum waste elimination. This device is designed to improve your gut health, which translates to better physical and mental health.


Who can use the PoopSTICK?

This device is designed to make it easier for anyone to evacuate the colon with ease. It can be used by children, adults, modern toilet owners, and anyone who wants to improve gut health. For people who have had recent surgery, evacuating in the upright sitting position can be extremely painful. By creating a natural and comfortable squatting position, the PoopSTICK helps to reduce the discomfort and make it easier to evacuate. This device also comes in handy for people with colon cancer in family history. Essentially, the PoopSTICK eliminates incontinence and allows for healthy elimination, which reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.

Generally, the PoopSTICK is recommended for health and wellness conscious individuals who want to achieve optimal gut health.

What differentiates the PoopSTICK from other stool devices?

The PoopSTICK is equipped with many incredible features that put it ahead of other stool type devices. Unlike other stool devices such as The Squatty Potty, PoopSTICK gives users the optimum knee left needed to relax the puborectalis muscle for better evacuation. The PoopSTICK is designed with the perfect resting position to ensure you don’t stub your toes. With this device, you don’t have to bend over to pull it away from the toilet to use. This makes it handy for anyone suffering from colon issues and people with limited mobility. Another aspect that differentiates the PoopSTICK from other stool devices is that it’s shoe-friendly. You can use the device comfortably no matter the type of shoes you’re wearing.

Features of the PoopSTICK

  • Adjustable – The device comes with an adjustable footrest that raises the knees above the hips. You can adjust the height of the device to achieve the perfect resting position, no matter your height. The device can be used by the whole family from children to adults.
  • Compact- The PoopSTICK is designed to be lightweight and compact so that it’s easy to use and store.
  • Hygienic – It comes with a tall handle that ensures users can move the device with the hand.
  • Shoe-friendly- Can be used for all shoe types and sizes—boots, heels, flats, etc.
  • Accessory ready – Comes with toilet paper holder, cell/tablet holder, and magazine holder
  • Easy to use, portable, and durable.

If you’re looking to ease your poop and improve your gut health, get yourself the PoopSTICK, and experience the best bathroom experience.

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