The Ultimate Guide To Living an Eco-Friendly Life

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In Australia, the amount of garbage produced has reached more than 60 metric tons as of 2016, based on an environmental report from the Australian government. Considering that it’s the world’s smallest continent, the problem of waste removal is predictably worse in other parts of the world.

We may not want to admit it, but the truth remains: we are now living in a dying world. The Earth is so congested with pollution and man-made trash that we can already feel the effects of our actions through global warming and climate change.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Living an Eco-Friendly Life

Once you realize the gravity of the situation, you should be able to grasp that the only way to save the Earth is to live an eco-friendly life. To do so, you must first understand the steps that need to be taken in achieving your goal.

The Ultimate Guide To Living an Eco-Friendly Life

Here is a 10-step guide to help you become one of Mother Nature’s favourite human beings:

Step #1: Conserve Electricity

Majority of the world’s population still rely on non-renewable electricity. It’s also likely that your energy usage still depends on a similar system, but you can still turn things around by saving on your consumption by switching off your appliances when not in use.

Step #2: Choose Eco-Friendly Appliances

According to Energy Sage, one of the best ways to save energy is to choose your appliances wisely. While they may cost more upfront, these investments are worth your while since they use less electricity.

Step #3: Reduce Your Meat Consumption

Eating less meat has more benefits than reducing your cholesterol levels— it can also help lessen your carbon footprint. Based on a study published in the Environmental Research Letters, consuming less beef can help prevent catastrophic global warming.

Step #4: Don’t Let Food Go To Waste

Wasting food is a surefire way to waste money, but did you know that doing so also keeps you one step farther from living an eco-friendly life? Mountains of wasted food add to the bulk of landfills, and, therefore, increases methane emission.

Step #5: Recycle

Recycling is still the best way to reduce household waste, as it prevents you from throwing away that that empty plastic bottle and shredded paper.

Step #6: Remove Plastics from Your Life

While it may seem very difficult to remove plastic from your life, it is far from impossible. Environmentalists have developed eco-friendly canvass bags to hold your groceries and even glass straws to help you drink your favorite frappe.

Step #7: Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

There are many ways you can make your home environment-friendly. Opening your window or blinds instead of switching on the light is a good start. You can also stay cool during warm summer nights by doing the same thing.

Step #8: Repair, Don’t Throw

Fixing things is better than throwing them away and buying new ones can help you save two things: money and the Earth.

Step #9: Avoid Using Your Car

Riding your bike or walking to work is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise, but its ultimate benefit is the reduction of air pollution.

Step #10: Plant Trees and Grow Your Own Food

Since kindergarten, we’ve been taught that plants produce clean, breathable air as well as food for humans and animals. Keep these teachings in mind and you’ll surely live an eco-friendly life.

Eco-Friendliness and You

Being eco-friendly is more than picking up tin cans and putting them in the garbage bin— it is a way of life. This means that you ought to change not just your attitude but also your entire lifestyle. Small pebbles can cause big ripples and your pebble can change the world for the better.

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