Is Athleisure Still a Fashion Trend? Everything You Need to Know About Athleisure Wear

Power In The Springs Black Hoodie

Power In The Springs Black Hoodie

Whether you want to brush up on your knowledge about athleisure or simply know how to wear the athleisure trend, you are at the right place. Athleisure is a type of clothing typically worn during sports or athletic activities. However, it’s not limited to be worn at the gym or while performing exercises. People have started wearing athleisure outfits in their routine life such as at the job, at college, or on other social or casual occasions. This has put athleisure clothing in high demand. Clothing brands are taking it seriously and coming up with different athleisure clothing ideas to outclass their competitors.

The Athleisure trend has been around for over half a decade. It has completely transformed the fashion industry. The reason why it’s gaining ground among the masses is that it combines style and comfort – something people always love to have. According to a report conducted by Allied Market Research, the U.S. athleisure market is expected to reach around $257 billion by 2026, which is way higher than the $155.2 billion recorded in 2018.

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How to Wear the Athleisure Trend?

Anyone can achieve an athleisure look by mixing fashion with function. By blending activewear pieces such as sweat pants, sneakers, or a sports bra with fashion pieces such as a leather jacket, heels, or jeans, you will create a well-balanced athleisure look. Athleisure clothing is comfortable yet stylish and chic.

Where to Buy Comfortable yet Stylish Clothing Online?

Many online retailers are available out there that sell Pilates-inspired outfits. Marisa In Motion or MIM is ranked among the best popular online shops specializing in Pilates-inspired, comfortable clothing and accessories. They have a wide collection to offer to girls and women. They always have the best clothing option matching your needs.

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