Top 6 Nose Hair Trimmers to Buy on Budget

Top 6 Nose Hair Trimmers to Buy on Budget

Hair trimming along the nasal cavity is quite a sensitive practice. It can be very risky if not done with caution. There can also be cases of bleeding, lesions and in-grown hair which is commonly caused by unsafe or lack of proper know how in the selection of the best nose hair trimmer. Discussed below is a well-researched list of great nose trimmers you can buy on a budget.

Panasonic ER-GN30 -K Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Also known as the Listen Nosy, the Panasonic ER-GN30 -K Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer retails at $20, something that makes it a steal for the nose hair groomers. The listen to machine grooms nose and ear hair in a perfect way. That is not the only function it is purchased for. It can also clear up any excess eyebrow hair and even edge up beards. What makes the ER-GN30 unique is that it has curved blades which prevent accidental cuts. They also ensure that hair is cut evenly.

Top 6 Nose Hair Trimmers to Buy on Budget

The best thing about this machine it’s that, it can run for 90 minutes purely on energy from AA batteries. It also has the advantage of a lightweight; hence one can have the absolute control with one hand.

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Suck It Up

Considering this machine price wise, energy conservation it surely deserves to be picked while considering the top 6 nose hair trimmers to buy on budget. The machine has an inbuilt vacuum system whose primary role is to efficiently grab all the groomed hair hence making the cleaning process much more comfortable. The hair trimmer comes fit with hypoallergenic steel blades which trim the ear and nose hair with much delicacy. They are also arranged in a way to capture hair without the blades getting into contact with the skin.

This gadget also features a cone that helps in trimming hair along the nasal cavity, preventing any possible connection between your nose and the shaver head. This is a crucial safety feature that prevents any occurrence of internal nose bleeding; an advantage to the people who may not be able to trim or shave their nasals with steady hands.

Maxi-Value Micro

This is a product from the well-known Wahl shaving company. The gadget is fitted with AAA Lithium battery which gives years of service. It comes equipped with a multi-headed and a pen-sized trimmer from Wahl which is an ideal tool for trimming the nose and the ears. The machines light weight makes the machine very comfortable for use with a single hand. Lastly, the device is pocket-friendly. The Maxi-Value also comes with a special attachment for trimming of eyebrows.

A Steel Steal

This machine comes with a durable steel casing, a blade that is hypoallergenic, a sports motor silencer, and a non-slip grip. It goes for a retail price of around 15$. This machine is highly recommended because of its energy saving ability. Its blades are made of pure stainless steel to ensure no matter how much moisture content or wet surfaces they come into contact with, no rusting can take place. They have a user-friendly lightweight.

Platinum Groom Mate

This machine does not rely on electricity or batteries for it to function. The device works by one rotating the lower inner shaft that in turn gives a smooth and gentle cut; hence relieving the user the hustle and bother of replacing the batteries.

The fact that the groom mate platinum does not use batteries makes it eco-friendly. Its blades are stainless steel, and the company delivers them with a promise of a painless trim when trimming the sensitive hair strand areas.

Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer

This hair trimming gadget is incredibly cheap as compared to other types of nose hair cutting machines. It goes for $10 in most online markets. Despite its relatively low cost, the device is of exceptionally high-quality.

This Norelco is professionally engineered to an angle that can comfortably and smoothly reach the inner side of your nose and ear without much strain. It also has a long and slender head that is ideal for the deepest parts of the ears and nostrils. It is fitted with a protective technology that prevents accidental nicks, cuts, and pulls. It also has an ultra-thin foil guard that is fit to help prevent or minimize skin irritations.

The Phillip Norelco Nose Trimmer has a strong motor which enables it to accomplish different tasks including trimming strong hair such as the mustache and sideburns.


Different people have different preferences. Despite this fact, there are vital factors one should always consider when planning to purchase a nose hair trimming machine. Some of these common factors are its safety features, grip, weight, and blade alignment. Go for the best, and you will always have the best for your nose. Best of luck!

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