Key Features That Are A Must-Have For Your Product’s Packaging

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The success of a product in the retail market depends on a lot of factors. Packaging stands at the top of this list. A uniquely designed killer packaging can seal the deal for your product and turn it into a roaring success. Additionally, it can help to establish your brand’s identity in the market. But there are a few elements that hold key to packaging your product in a remarkable manner so as to attract the attention of the target audience. Check out these key features that are a must-have for your product’s packaging:

Distinctive appeal

Just getting your product placed on the retailers’ shelves isn’t enough. You have to ensure that your product extends an eye-catching appeal to the consumers. The key to catch the target audience’s attention lies in giving your product packaging a distinctive look. There may be hundreds of products on a retailer’s shelves, out of which many may be of a similar kind as your product. You have to work towards packaging your product in such a manner so that it attains a unique look and has a recall value in the consumer’s mind.

Enticing imagery

You wouldn’t want your product packaging to have a kitsch look, would you? This is the reason why you have to steer clear of using a package that is loud or has gaudy images. In case of product packaging, sometimes less is more. At other times, you have to be a bit more expressive with your imagery to drive home the point. It all depends on the product you are trying to market and your target market. But, in any case, using bad color contrasts or dull imagery is never a good idea. Make sure that you use the colors on your product packaging wisely in order to attain a great effect.

Clear statement

When it comes to product packaging, let the words have their say as well. Sometimes a persuasive statement can be the difference between a consumer buying the product and leaving it behind on the retailer’s shelf. Add a concise and convincing statement to highlight your product’s main feature or benefit to the consumers. Do it in a tasteful manner without seeming to go over the top. In other words, you have to be subtle yet expressive with the words you use on the product’s package. Draw the target audience’s attention and give them the confidence to go for your product through the statement on the packaging.

Engaging feel

A great way to trigger an emotional response from your consumers is to provide them an engaging feel through the package. By opting for an experiential feel, you can create that magical moment of engaging with a consumer through the packaging and increase his/her interest in your product. Once you draw in the consumer’s interest, you set the stage for the product to create an impression on the consumer’s mind. More often than not, consumers are tempted to try products whose packaging lends them an engaging and experiential feel.

Practical design

Having a consumer-friendly design is one of the most important points that can’t be missed while making this list of product packaging features. No matter how attractive or appealing your packaging may look, if it’s not convenient to use your consumers may not be interested in buying your product a second time. Just as a good packaging creates an impression on a consumer’s mind, the same thing happens with a product packaging that is inconvenient to use. The only difference is that in the latter case it leaves behind a negative impression on the consumer’s mind. As such, they may avoid becoming a repeat consumer for the product. Now this is something that you will not want to happen to your product, isn’t it? So, adopt an easy to use packaging for your product.

Finally, do not forget element combination

It is equally important to blend your images, statement, and package design in an interesting manner so that the whole packaging comes together as an extended identity of your product. This is the trickiest part of creating the whole packaging solution. Each feature of the packaging must make their presence felt without overpowering any other feature and yet do their job of capturing the consumer’s interest and increasing brand awareness. Though this may not be an easy goal to score, it is not impossible either. If you opt for an expert packaging solution provider, you will be able to nail this goal and draw the maximum benefit out of your product packaging.

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