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FMF has stirred up nothing but anxiety for its supporters and fans. 2019 will not only be the official year of launching this diverse brand, it’s also the year of changing the industry of strategy campaigns. One of the surprises for FMF is that the activewear line will exclusively appear in the movie “THE SON OF TONY”, one of the most anticipated movies of the decade. The lead actor will wear the line in key roles of this mega blockbusting movie!

In a constantly sprouting fashion age, FMF recognizes the public’s desire to keep moving with fashion trends and incorporates new and innovative design patterns into its range of active wears. The company also understands that when it comes to workout and exercising, comfort and freedom is key in clothing choice. Therefore, FMF provides a vast and exciting array of active wears to choose from that will adequately suit your style!

CEO Antonio Juarez who currently serves in the U.S Air Force understands the necessity to keep fit and stay healthy and therefore, put his creative mind into fashioning an activewear line in a bid to also stimulate the desire to pay attention to health through keeping fit.

An interesting feature about FMF is the mode of operation the company intends to follow; emerging as an online retail store, FMF majorly looks to utilize the digital space and online market in its bid to reach customers both home and abroad. With a defined quality of service and an effective workforce, there is no doubt that patronage for FMF’s new brand of activewear will skyrocket as soon as it launches!

Looking to compete with the top dogs in the market such as Nike and Under Armour, FMF is exploring all possible options required to garner worldwide attention. With a schedule to launch right before summer, the company’s game-plan guarantees product availability just at the right time and at great prices too.

One other thing that caught my eye in FMF’s mission dossier is their plan for serious community outreach using a percentage of proceeds from the activewear sales. The company recognizes a large number of communities in need of resources and amenities and therefore plans to establish jobs and provide aid to such communities. This, however, can only be made possible from the successful sales of wears to the general public.

From a new style of active wear clothing to an extensive humanitarian plan, you can rest assured FMF is planning for a big future. One that in the long run can include expanding to military gear provision, professional sports team wears and much more!



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