The Better Brush

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Enjoy Brushing with Better Brush

Brushing your teeth should not be a stressing issue in this era. You should have forgotten the painful brushing experiences that you are going through: from crumps on your hands to pains on your neck, back, rotator cuff, shoulder, and wrist. In short, brushing should be something that you enjoy doing every time you carry your brush. The Better Brush comes right in time to save you all the frustrations that the traditional and ordinary brushes cause.

The Better Brush

Better Brush is a toothbrush of its time that has an ergonomic design that relieves you from the pains you are experiencing when brushing or protects you from developing preventable pains and sprain, depending on your case. This design allows you to brush your teeth from the most natural position without necessarily twisting your hand, neck, shoulder, back, or rotator cuff. This natural brushing makes brushing very comfortable.

Whatever you need in a toothbrush is soft and comfortable bristles. Better Brush contains bristles that are so soft hence making the whole process of brushing enjoyable. Its bristles make it stand out among other brushes.

It is only Better Brush that considers the brush movement that dentists recommend. The up and down movement that it exhibits ensures clean teeth and a comfortable grip. The movement and grip are natural like that of your razor, which takes away problems resulting from the use of traditional brushes. With Better Brush, you will automatically ditch that traditional brush.

The durability of a Better brush will wow you once you get it. Better Brush saves all the money you use to buy those traditional brushes that spoil within a very short time: the materials that make it guarantee you a long time of using your brush. Furthermore, the materials are so considerate of the environment and that is why they are easily recyclable.

For the lovers of the environment, the Better brush is your best option. Purchase Better Brush for the sustainability of our environment. Every plastic material that makes the brush is 100% biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. Moreover, our factories are also environmentally friendly since they use solar energy whenever there is an opportunity. They also conserve energy and water by recycling all the wastewater for reuse no other brush factory that does all these things.

A broad smile comes with white and clean teeth and, there is no way the ordinary brushes can make your teeth white and clean but, after brushing your teeth with Better Brush, your teeth will be whiter than you can imagine. Its bristles penetrate every part of your teeth and mouth to make them healthier – this also contributes much to your oral hygiene.

Finally, there is no much effort or skill that you need to use Better Brush. Just as you easily use your razor on the head, that is how the Better brush works. After putting the toothpaste on the bristles, move the brush up and down your teeth with full confidence that your teeth will be very clean. Its soft and comfortable bristles will lighten your every moment of brushing.

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