The Sieve & Serve Pitcher by Extract Goodness

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The Sieve and Serve Pitcher

If we look back at the history, we can see that the people have been consuming processed food, in the 2000s, people started realizing the fact that eating processed foods is extremely harmful for the health. This realization lead to the popularity of juicing. People start making juices out of fruits and veggies to get the healthy nutrients. The demand of the juicer also rose due to this. Instead of store-bought juices, people started making juice at home. The addition of juices into the diet is a very healthy addition as the body gets the required vitamins and minerals.

The Sieve & Serve Pitcher by Extract Goodness

To make juicing even more easy, the sieve and serve pitcher was created. The main purpose of coming up with this was to make sure that the users get more juice, less mess and juice bar quality within very less time. The sieve and serve pitcher, has very tiny holes in the strainer which make sure that even the last bits of juice is extracted from the pulp, this gives you a smoother and a more nutritious serving of the juice. This pitcher has a shorter body which ensures ease of use and the tiny holes make sure that all the juice is extracted. The coolest part is that when the juice is extracted, you can store it in the glass container that comes with it. The name of brand “extract goodness” means that all the good nutrients are extracted out of the fruit or veggies without making a lot of mess.

Some benefits of this pitcher are as follow:

  1. Easy straining: This pitcher is large mouthed which makes it very easy for you to strain the juice.
  2. Multifunctional ability: This pitcher allows you to strain the juice, serve the juice and even store the juice.
  3. Easy measuring: Since the pitcher comes with markings, you can easily measure the quantity of the juice.
  4. Airtight seal: If you are going to store the juice in this pitcher then it has to be airtight. The airtight seal that this pitcher has, makes sure that the juice remains fresh.
  5. Narrow body design: This pitcher is specifically designed while keeping it practical. The narrow body design allows you to fit this pitcher into the fridge very easily.
  6. Dishwasher safe: You won’t even have trouble cleaning it, this is because it is dishwasher safe so whenever you need to clean it, you can simply put it into the dishwasher and it will be all clean for you.
  7. No plastic: This pitcher is manufactured with borosilicate glass which is lab quality and doesn’t contain any toxins. This will keep your juice fresh and nutritious.

How to use the sieve and serve pitcher?

  • Make your favorite juice in the juicer, whether you want orange juice, apple juice, carrot juice, or any other kind.
  • Place the sieve on top of the pitcher and strain the juice through it, this will extract all the juice from the pulp.
  • After straining, remove the sieve and you are ready to serve the juice. If there is some left behind, then you can just place the airtight lid and it will be secure. You can place the juice in the fridge and have it whenever you feel like.
  • When the pitcher is empty after the juice has been served, you can go ahead and put it in the dishwasher to have it cleaned. You can even rinse it with the regular tap water if you like.

The best thing that you get when using the sieve and serve pitcher is the fresh juice which is full of nutrients. It is will be free of any artificial chemicals, toxins and other harmful materials.

The idea of this amazing pitcher was conceived by Alec and Lauren, the couple came up with it, after Lauren had her second baby when she needed the healthy nutrients. It will give you the healthiest, yummiest, and a freshest juice experience. If you are also intending to include fresh juice into your life then you definitely need the sieve and serve pitcher in your life as it will help you in getting all the healthy nutrients.

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