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A New Look For Your Old Fur Coat – Proven Tips

A New Look For Your Old Fur Coat

Tired of wearing the same old fur coat that has been through the hands of several generations? Even though you love the coat, you may not be comfortable wearing it outside because you look like someone from the bygone era. But the sentimental attachment wouldn’t let you dispose of it and now it’s sitting idly occupying a good portion of your closet.

What can you do for a change? How about transforming it into something different? This could give your old fur coat a new look and feel. Being familiar with the different trends in fur restyling would help you make the right decision.

Natural fur garments and coats can last for hundreds of years if it’s properly cared for. More and more young women are holding on to their mother’s or grandmother’s fur coats and garments because they know its durability and price. The latest trend is to apply your creativity and convert it into something totally new and that which matches your lifestyle.

A New Look For Your Old Fur Coat

How to restyle your fur coats?

Transform it

Transforming your old coat into something totally different is quite popular these days. You can make jackets, wraps, vests, capes, and stoles out of your old coat and the extra fur that is left behind can be transformed into some accessories.

Add embellishments to your coat

Changing the zipper, adding buttons that are trendy or even simple ones can change the entire look of your fur coat. This is one way to transform your fur coat without actually changing or destroying its original look.

Make alterations to your coat

Making certain simple changes to your old fur coat gives it a brand new look. You can shear the fur or cut short the length of your coat or make alterations to its silhouette for a totally new and different look.

Different restyles

Cut it short

A long fur coat that boasted of luxury was the trend during olden days and very few could afford it. But in the present day world, wearing such a coat could make you feel out of place. By cutting short its length, it’s much easier to handle and you can even pair it with your casual clothes.

Make a vest

Vests have a way of brightening up outfits that are dull and boring. Transforming your fur coat into a vest would make a good layering piece when the weather is really cold

Add a belt or make it form-fitting

Adding a belt to the coat or transforming it into a more form-fitting one has a way of creating a feminine feel and also lets you show off your beautiful curves.


You can make personal accessories out of your fur coat like something warm for your head or neck or you could make something for your homes like cushions or blankets.

A fur coat is an investment that needs to be protected. Talk to your stylist to understand the different ways by which it can be transformed. Change the look to keep it new and fresh.

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