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ZIP N RIP is a revolutionary device designed to improve the way clothing, bags, shoes, and other items that use zippers are fastened closed. This device is an excellent alternative to zippers as it provides an easy and convenient way to use hook and loop fasteners with a pull of a slider. ZIP N RIP is made of a hook and loop fastener, and a zipper, making it an easy to use device for just about anyone. The best thing about this product is that it will never fail like traditional zippers. Moreover, users will instinctively know how to use this device; hence it is a product anyone can use. With ZIP N RIP, you’ll no longer have to throw away your favorite items like bags, clothing, and shoes just because of jammed or broken zippers.



  • One-handed design – This device is made in a way that you only need one hand to use it, so it’s ideal for people with injuries, those with disabilities, and the elderly.
  • Faster closure – This device aligns and closes hook and loop fasteners in a matter of seconds with a pull of a slider.
  • Easier to use – This device comes with a simple up and down slider, which makes it absolutely easy to use.
  • Easy to install – ZIP N RIP is expertly designed to ensure it easy to be sewn into clothing, bags, jackets, shoes, and other items that close in a similar way.
  • Versatile – This device can be used in many kinds of items, including clothing, luggage, shoes, purses, bags, backpacks, jackets, and anywhere a zipper is used.


The hook and loop fastener aligns and closes with a pull of a slider. You simply need to place the two sides together with one hand and pull up or down to fasten close.

The ZIP N RIP is a device that comes in handy for fashion enthusiasts, fashion designers, trendsetters, people frustrated with broken zippers, and many other users. Generally, this device has the ability to change the fashion industry as it revolutionizes the way we fasten things closed.

Benefits of ZIP N RIP

  • It does not fail like conventional zippers. This means you can save lots of money when you use the ZIP N RIP, as there is no need to repair the device.
  • Comes at a lower cost compared to conventional zippers
  • Has many applications from clothing to fashion tech industry to commercial use.
  • Easy to sew on items and holds just as strong
  • Easy to use—you don’t need any learning to use the device.
  • Eliminates the need to throw away items that use zippers when the zipper fails.
  • It can be used anywhere there’s a zipper.
  • Easier to handle

ZIP N RIP is a perfect zipper replacement that adds simplicity and convenience to the way we fasten things closed. This device is patented, so there are no direct competitors. Its outstanding features set it apart from convention zippers, hook and eye, and traditional hook and loop fasteners.

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