Here’s Proof Marijuana Has Achieved Mainstream Acceptance

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There are now about as many pot smokers in the United States as there are tobacco users. In fact, approximately 55 million U.S citizens, or 22 percent, use cannabis. Of that 55 million, approximately 35 million are regular users meaning that they indulge at least annually. And of course many use it on a daily basis in the same way that many folks use wine, beer and other forms of alcohol.


Another aspect of the cannabis market that has widespread acceptance is the cannabidiol, or CBD market. CBD is an extract from both the hemp and cannabis plants that does not produce a pot-high, but which is purported to have potential as a nutritional or medicinal product. There are a number of companies that market CBD oil products such as Endoca Hemp Oil CBD that makes organic CBD oil from industrial hemp. There are a other companies throughout the United States and Europe currently making and marketing CBD oils and hemp oils such as Restorative Botanicals Hemp Oil and others.

Surveys estimate that public opinion strongly supports cannabis legalization with around 65% of Americans currently in favor. And, a stunning 83 percent of Americans say they support medical marijuana. It is hard to understand how anyone could be comfortable with legal alcohol and not with legal marijuana. But that 65% number is a huge increase from a decade ago. People who have tried marijuana are more likely to support its legalization. At least 70 percent of Americans who have tried pot support it.

At least 56 percent of adult US citizens say that using pot is socially acceptable.  And most people say it would not bother them if they found out their doctor, lawyer, priest or favorite actor smoked pot, so attitudes have changed. By a strong margin of 72 percent to 20 percent, Americans think alcohol use is more of a health danger than regular pot use.

Many people who don’t use cannabis, approximately 27 percent according to surveys, say the reason they don’t indulge is because of the illegality of the stuff. So, obviously, public acceptance would be greater yet if marijuana was legal. Surveys indicate about half of marijuana users are millennials.

Most pot users are comfortable and very open about their usage of weed for recreational purposes. Ninety five percent of users say their close friends are aware of their use and 72 percent have told their parents. Surveys also indicate 60 percent have told their kids. Twenty one percent have either smoked pot in front of their parents or with them. Among older users with adult children, 35 percent have smoked with or in front of their kids. Millennials are very social with their pot smoking with only 25 percent of them smoking alone. But, older pot users are perfectly comfortable and more likely to smoke alone with approximately 40 percent of those people over-35 often using cannabis in the company of only themselves.

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