How can we Stay Productive in the Workplace?

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Being organized is the key to productivity. With everything in place, workflow becomes simpler and you are able to spend more time focusing on the content and not being distracted by trivial problems. Below are 3 habits of highly organized people.


  1. They write everything down. Highly organized people even write things down that they may not need to remember. They never try to memorize something because that only leaves a gap for errors. Not only do they write things down, but their notes are organized by date and filed away in case they are needed. Their files are coded to make retrieving information even simpler. With everything in its place, you never waste time wondering and looking for it later.
  2. Daily rituals. From morning meditations, to an after lunch walk around the building, highly successful people set and keep rituals that keep their day structured and organized. Even if it’s a particularly busy or slow day at work, that walk around the building is going to happen regardless. It can be used to clear the mind, unwind or get a breath of fresh air and reset. Structure helps the mind focused and being highly organized creates an atmosphere of efficiency.
  3. Able to prioritize decisively. Being able to prioritize is one thing, but being able to do it decisively is vital. Highly organized people will write down their daily to-do list the day before and as they are writing it are able to prioritize the schedule. Understanding what it is high priority and what can wait, makes you use your time most effectively. It’s that decisiveness that helps create the aura of supreme organization and in a sense, a feeling of calm.

Max is a consultant for Point Above, a mindfulness, leadership and business coach based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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