Everything You Need to Know About Bidets

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A bidet is a plumbing fixture installed in the bathroom besides the shower, toilet, and sink. It’s a kind of receptacle or bowl that is used to wash the human genitalia, inner buttocks, perineum, and anus. A bidet isn’t a toilet, but somewhat similar to a washbasin, which is used for cleaning up after the toilet use. It employs a stream of water to offer a function similar to toilet paper.

Is a bidet worth it

Some budgets come in a design similar to a large hand basin, while others have a nozzle to aid in cleansing. Is a bidet worth it? Well, having a bidet brings you a number of advantages: it will help you cut down your toilet paper use, and you will feel super relaxing to rinse with water.

How to Use a Bidet?

Using a bidet is easy and it won’t be difficult for you to get used to it. Users can sit on the bowl’s rim or hover over the bidet, depending on their preferences. Make sure your position should be over the jet. Use the knobs to release cold or hot water depending on what you’re most comfortable with. Gradually open the valve until sufficient pressure is achieved to remove the remaining solid particles from the anus. Users can use toilet paper or a soft cloth to dry off.

What to consider when shopping for a bidet?

Whatever bidet you buy, make sure it serves your needs. There’s no point in going with anything less than you deserve. The market is full of different bidet models and types, with each type serving a different set of needs. You should first research on the internet to brush up on your knowledge about different models of bidets. This will go a long way toward helping you determine exactly what type of bidet you need.

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