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The people are making their lives busy to manage the costs of living and luxury. As more parents are trying to work full time to increase their income, the need for maids is increasing with that. The people living in villas and palaces like District One Villas Dubai and Jumeirah Beach residence villas hire more than one maid, as they are living more busy lives, also the maintenance of their houses require more time and effort.

 In Dubai, people seem to be busier than in any other city in the world, due to the busy environment of the city. The population of this city is most of the expatriates, who change themselves gradually over time. Most of the families migrated in this city don’t have a family support system to financially help them, so they must work hard and generate a handsome income. The parents need some support to look after their children, housework, and chores. You feel so light after hiring a maid and delivering your responsibility to them.


The laws in Dubai are very strict on the hiring of household help or any kind of domestic help and can lead you to a heavy fine of around AED 99,165, a jail sentence and also deportation in a few cases. The laws and regulations are frequently changed and upgraded, as the UAE also looks after the rights of these employers. You have to be updated about the rules and regulation of the country by visiting the official website of the government. These websites can also guide you about the current charges or fees of hiring a maid. You should avoid hiring illegal or part-time workers suggested by someone else.  


The head of the family can hire a maid at a very minimum cost of AED 600 to the maximum cost of AED 5000 with offering accommodation. If you are a single male then you can not hire maids, and these maids are hired from Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Ethiopia, Philippine, and Bangladesh. It is also in the policies that the sponsor should give a yearly round trip ticket to the maid’s home. The local of the emirates are at an advantage of contracting them with two years contract with leave and paid tickets. 


Many families prefer to get domestic help throughout the whole day, doing various household works and chores. There is some additional work for the maids like babysitting and taking care of the children. The other benefits of a live-in maid are that you can assign them some other activities of the work or any outdoor activity. The only disadvantage of having a live-in maid is you have an intrusion of a member who is not from your family in your daily life and shares your house with a stranger. 

There are two stages of hiring a sponsored maid; the first step is to get an entry permit for the helper to enter in the country, and the other step requires the application for the visa and work permit. To hire a sponsored maid, the sponsor should have a separate room and a bathroom for the maid. The entry permit requires a fill-up form that is to be submitted with all the required documents to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. The refundable deposit of AED 2000 should be submitted to the office, but this deposit will be refunded after the maid is back to her country or is no longer in employment. A copy of the visa or the original one must be mailed back to the maid ( if you are sending a copy then the original one should be sent to DNATA at the airport) when the maid reaches their country. 


There are no such restrictions in the laws for the salary of the maids, as it is totally up to your preferences on how much you are willing to pay for the service. Though, there are some policies made by the embassies of different countries to protect the rights of their country workers which may include a minimum wage for the worker. The allowances are must for the maid like for food, phone, clothing and some others. These allowances can be from AED 2000 to AED 3000. 

The lives of people are getting busier with time, and they are not really paying focus on household work and chores. Nowadays, even mothers are doing their jobs and paying less attention to taking care of their babies, so the need for maids is increasing with time. People near the luxury areas of Dubai like Port De La Mer Dubai and Madinat Jumeirah give more wage and allowance to the maids than in the other areas of the city. 

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