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In the chilly winters with the crisp snow under the feet, freezing and shivery cold with white cotton-like snow falling everywhere, all we desire is a good cup of hot chocolate, the coziest blanket, and a nice movie. But wait a minute! Is a traditional blanket cozy enough? Is it big enough? Does it keep the feet warm? Is it soft enough? Well, the bomfy blanket is the answer to all your questions.

Bomfy B is a blanket which is 6 ft long and also has a deep pocket which intends to keep your feet warm and cozy in the cold. It is an ultra-plush blanket, made with high-quality fleece and its length is good enough to cover you from your shoulders to your toes. No more shivering during movies, napping or even studying.

This ultra-comfortable blankie is amazing for movie night with your girl-friends, binge-watching TV shows with your siblings, studying for a tough exam, taking a quick nap during work, snuggling with pets, riding a car or a bus or any other place where you feel that you need to be warm.

Carlos and Cooper, two buddies from college came up with this innovative idea to introduce Bomfy B. it so hard to keep a traditional blanket in place, you cannot easily move around your legs. However, this creation of Carlos and Cooper keeps you warm and comfortable. The coral fleece is so soft and feels super comfortable on the skin. The Bomfy B is going to be your best buddy during a movie night or a study session. The funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will be invested into the further improvement and development of the bomfy blankets especially focusing upon the colors and pockets. Additional foot pockets will be made with the money raised and it will be solely spent on the bomfy blankets, none of the money raised will be donated to charity.

Bomfy blankets are unique because of their design and functioning, and also because they are affordable. They are created with the selection of high-quality materials. There is no compromise in the quality of the product. Also, they are unique in comparison to other blankets is because they are versatile. Bomfy blankets can be used for a variety of purposes, you don’t necessarily have to use them just for napping. You can use them however you are comfortable with them. Unlike typical blankets, the material will not wear out and they will last you longer because of high-quality materials and also, high build quality.

Not only are these blankets very comfortable but they are also easy to wash and store. You can give them a good wash whenever you feel the need. This blanket is completely machine washable; you don’t have to worry about the fabric being ruined after a single wash. Just tumble dry when you are done washing. Some blankets are very difficult to take care of, they end up being a showpiece on the couch. However, this is untrue for bomfy blankets because you can wash them without the fear of shedding or piling. You don’t have to follow any special steps to wash these blankets.

As it is mentioned earlier that the bomfy blankets come with a deep pocket to keep the feet warm and toasty. The pocket also comes with an elastic that is present at the opening of the pocket to make sure that the feet remain wrapped in the blanket at all times. These blankets can be a perfect birthday or a Christmas present for your parents, grandparents or any other loved ones. These are also great for dorm rooms where you need extra comfort and warmth. You can also enjoy video games while being cozy with the bomfy blankets in your lounge.

Carlos and Cooper created this luxurious blanket in 2017, launched it and they were completely sold out. However, they spent all the money they made in creating another batch of luxurious blankets. In order to focus more on the goals, Carlos and Cooper shifted towards fundraising so that they can increase the marketing budget and lower the manufacturing budget. Support the bomfy blankets so that you can also enjoy warm and toasty evenings with the blankets.

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