Online Art Stores – Where Creativity Meets Affordability


Art has the power to inspire, move and influence the human mind. We have been fascinated with it since the very beginning of human civilization and to this day, it remains one of biggest endeavours of creative souls. Not everyone is capable of expressing their thoughts and feelings through brush strokes, but today, thanks to the constant development of online stores, we can all discover breathtaking works of art that resonate with our mood. Art lovers no longer have to go to art galleries or contact artists to find beautiful paintings, because nowadays everything is one click away and everyone can buy art online. From drawings and fine art photography to paintings and digital art, a world of colour and emotion has bloomed in the era of computers.


The advantages of buying art online

Those who are used to purchasing artworks the traditional way might be sceptical of online art stores and hesitate looking for paintings for sale on the web, but the truth is that online art stores are much more practical. Unfortunately, the cost of maintaining a land based gallery or art store is very high compared to the profit, which is why these businesses are becoming quite rare these days. Online, however, things are different. Online art stores are flourishing and sellers such as Artquisite offer a huge variety of museum quality curated artworks at affordable prices. If you cannot find the unique paintings your home needs in land based stores, then you should look on the Web instead. You can find here many amazing, one of a kind paintings that are impossible to find elsewhere, as well as artworks from up and coming local artists.

Quality art, but reasonably priced?

When it comes to paintings for sale, the Internet definitely doesn’t lack in variety, but what about price? Everyone wants to decorate their home or office with unique, tasteful art prints and paintings, but not many are willing to spend the equivalent of a car to satisfy their creative need. Like most other things sold on the Web, art too can be overpriced, but this should not discourage you, because there are many websites where historically relevant paintings come at a reasonable cost. Artquisite is one of these websites. Founded from the desire to combine quality with affordability, if offers a curated collection of museum quality paintings and artworks at reasonable prices. All paintings are original and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Things to avoid when buying art online

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and art is, of course, subjective. The same painting can bring one person to tears and leave another one cold. You can buy whatever painting speaks to you and matches the design of your home or office, but the Web is a vast marketplace and you should know how to avoid traps and scams:

  • When buying original art online, ask whether the package is shipped with a certificate of authenticity. This way you’re making sure the painting is worth the money, not just an overpriced copy. Avoid stores that do not provide verifiable proof of originality, because they could be scams.
  • Avoid cheap, mass produced artworks that have no historical meaning and are just the result of seasonal hype. Art, especially digital art prints, are quite mainstream these days and you can find cheap items in just about every interior décor store. However, your wall will look much nicer decorated with one high quality painting than with ten generic prints of avocados, pineapples or flamingos. These prints will be forgotten and replaced within months, whereas a quality paintings that actually has a story and a message will be passed on from generation to generation, increasing in value over time.

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