What Got Us Talking – A Look at Spring 2016 Jewellery Trends

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This season brought with it many new trends. Spring of 2016 gave many jewellery trends to get excited about. Body chains, tiaras, necklaces, dangle earrings, chokers; it was all there in a groovy avatar. Even good old pearls sat on earrings and made heads turn.

It was difficult to look away from the disco-ball style earrings and shoulder touching earrings held our attention. Though minimalist held its ground, everyone agrees this season, bold was back.


At spring 2016, jewellery swayed playfully as models walked by. Here is a look at some head-turning items from the spring 2016 Jewellery collection.

Asymmetry- the One Earring Look

Beautiful jewelled shoulder-grazing earrings were seen on some of the models. Collarbone touching, metallic, shimmering earrings were seen and most of the models sported flat metallic hoops in the left ear.

Stylish metallic earrings on one ear were spotted as well. With the right kind of outfit and hairstyle, this unconventional style is as good as any. This jewellery trend is highly welcome.

Dangle earrings

Dangling earrings are beautiful. Spring 2016 Jewellery saw everything from simple drop earrings, chandeliers, tassels, Schouler’s funky pop-art earrings. But there are some which held our attention longer than others did. Let’s take a look:

  • It was hard to take one’s eyes off the colourful, spherical ones! They were semi-circular shapes, embellished andjoined together at their diameter to form a sphere. These were undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching statement jewellery pieces.
  • There were shoulder grazing, solid-coloured ones and shiny ones ending in huge jewels or tassels. Gorgeous black Long, metallic danglers were spotted too, many falling till the collar bone.
  • Models also displayed link chain earrings falling till the shoulders. These classy pieces of spring 2016Jjewellery have just the right balance of minimal and maximal. They can touch up a simple look and also compliment a sophisticated look well.

Body Chains

Some models rocked in shimmering body chains. That is one thing we’d definitely want to see more of (on oneself too). Those delicate looking body chains can be easily borrowed from the fashion world to everyday life. They can add loads to your look without being over the top.


The models also flaunted innovative varieties of chokers. Some had scarves tied around their necks with jewels on one side. In another variety, a ribbon with embellishments was tied around the neck. (This ribbon was then tied around the hair at the back).

Shiny silk scarves tied in the front were one of the highlights of the spring 2016 jewellery scene.


Extravagant brooches were seen adorning collars on various models. Big, abstract, metallic brooches spruced up the look. Coloured crystal brooches could be seen at many fashion stores.

Wholesale fashion jewelry for spring 2016 are on sales. Those of you eager to rock the fashion trends yourselves, hurry along. The beautiful fashion jewellery is all yours for the taking. Pick out your favourite spring 2016 jewellery and indulge yourselves. After all, these are hardly fashion trends without you trying them!

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