Moving Checklist For Girls: 5 Important Things You Need To Do

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While packing can be as easy as 1-2-3 for most guys, ladies often make too much fuss out of it. It is understandable, of course, considering the amount of work that needs to be done. Luckily, moving services are available, no matter where you are or where you’re going.

To make it easier, we have completed a checklist of 5 important things that girls need to do before a move:

1. Organize your Packing Process

According to Good Housekeeping, this should be done about 6 weeks before the date of the move. Aside from having a list of what needs to be done, you should also come up with what needs to be brought when changing addresses.

Moving Checklist For Girls: 5 Important Things You Need To Do

It is also important to have all the necessary items needed for the packing process. According to Trulia, this should include at least one reliable pair of scissors, box cutters, large boxes, and a ton of packaging tape.

Also, don’t forget to label every box so you won’t have to open every single one of them when all at once when you only need a pair of socks.

During this process, you should also set aside some time to pack an essentials bag or box that contains enough food and water, clothing and other necessities for at least two days. It should also include provisions for sleeping as well as entertainment.

2. Hire Moving Experts

Gender equality aside, it is no secret that women need more help when it comes to the literal heavy lifting during a move.

It is strongly recommended that you hire a reputable company at least two months before the date of your move if you’re not rushing. This way, you can still go through company reviews, ask important questions, and possible alternatives if they fail on the day of the move.

3. Take the Opportunity to Declutter

Most women have more belongings than they need. Since you’re already digging deep into your hoard of belongings, take the time to get rid of unused, broken, and obsolete items from your old home.

You have three options: sell them, give them away, or simply gather them up in a pile to be disposed of by a junk removal service. Doing this will not only help lessen the items that need to be loaded but also gives you a chance for a fresh start.

4. Cancel or Change Address for Your Mail Subscriptions

Mail subscriptions such as newspapers and magazines should be taken care of at least three weeks prior to the moving day.

Some companies offer a change in the delivery address if it is within their scope while others don’t. If your case is the latter, you can simply cancel your subscription and find a new one in your new neighborhood.

5. Hire a Cleaning Company for the Old and New House

Cleaning may seem like a woman’s forte, but the truth is that most ladies prefer not to do it. Fortunately, there are many professional cleaning companies that will gladly do it for you.

Like choosing a mover, you should first analyze your cleaning needs for both your old and new homes and select a company that can deliver the quality of service you need in a way that will give you value for your money.

It is every girl’s dream to become the queen of their home – and royalties shouldn’t get stressed out, even its because of something as significant as moving house. What else do you think needs to be on this checklist if you’re about to move to a new place?

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