Natural Products For Skin Cleansing

Natural Products For Skin Cleansing

The tendency to use natural products in skin cleansing is growing and it is easy to see why: these products are 100% natural, healthy, safe, inexpensive, environmentally friendly and, on top of that, treat the skin well. Meet our top chosen products.

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Natural Products For Skin Cleansing

Milk: Milk is a natural cleanser that, applied to the skin with a cotton disc, ends up leaving it smooth and resplendent. After its application, you can let the milk dry by itself or remove it immediately with warm water.

Oatmeal: A good alternative to cleansing the skin also involves the use of oats – a natural product that is indicated to rid the skin of dead cells and harmful toxins, leaving it to breathe in full and with an extremely healthy appearance. Mix a little oatmeal with milk or yogurt; apply on face massaging with gentle movements and remove with warm water.

Mix yogurt, milk and honey: Add to these three ingredients almond or crushed sesame seeds, cover the face and let it act a few minutes before removing with tepid water. It is a natural cleansing and exfoliation that will leave the skin soft and luminous.

Olive oil and coconut oil: This pair of natural products aims to soften and moisturize the skin in depth. Mix 1 part olive oil, 2 parts warm water and 3 parts coconut oil and apply on the face – this facial mask will leave your skin like never seen and felt!

Grapes: A natural product packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, grapes are a boon to the health and appearance of the skin. Use crushed grapes to design a face mask.

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