A Complete Guide to Use Sunbeds or Tanning Beds

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If you are one of those thinking to go on a sunbed to get a skin tan, this complete guide will surely help you understand how you can use sunbeds properly without doing any damage to your body. Below are some important points we’ve put together that you should keep in mind prior to using sunbed.


Know your needs

Generally speaking, an average person requires 3-5 sessions to get a base tan. Don’t consider exceeding this number as going for more could lead to serious health conditions. 2 sessions a week are ideal to deepen your tan while remaining safe and secure from any possible skin condition. If you’re after maintaining your existing tan, we suggest you to use one sunbed a week. Before taking next session, you should wait at least 72 hours to get your skin fully recovered. Buy following these tips, you can avoid your skin from burning and creating brown spots.

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How old are you?

If you’re thinking to use sunbed in UK, your age must be 18 or above. You may be asked for your ID prior to using sunbed services. So, you should have an ID card to use sunbed.

What to wear

How would you like to go on a sunbed – Full naked or with underwear? It’s up to you how you go on a tanning bed. You should protect your sensitive body parts such nipples and genital area, regardless of whatever choice you make.  

Wear goggles for eye protection

You need to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from the possible damaging rays. You should keep all these factors into account prior to using a sunbed.

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