Mistakes You Never Knew You were Making with Hair Accessories

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Do you know a woman can live only on oxygen, food and compliments! Well we can’t decide whether its practical or just something to say. However, we certainly do know that women pay particular attention to the way they look. Speaking about which, they love hair accessories however they do commit some sins for supporting them.

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To help you avoid them, following we are giving you some tips which you need to abide by.

  • Stop Being a Baby

It’s a fact, you have grown up and you need to accept that. So dress your age and avoid the baby things. Among all in our list, Headbands top everything. While these are super cute, they can still make you look like a baby if you don’t pull them according to your age. Remember if you know how to use these, these will be juvenile and prissy.

  • Crown with Jewels

The Brooches, Pins and earrings are great with braids and chignons. If you place them around a bun above one ear, they will be classy and help you to hold the short layers. It will be better if you secure these by trying the floral wire and look throughout the hair.

  • Go Tough on Sweet

This is a thing no one know they were doing wrong. Yes if you are supporting a cute hair or makeup, you need something rough to compliment it with. Yes, never go cute on cute or rough on rough. When it comes to this, you need a contrast for sake of variety.

  • Long hair is not important

Well, that is not completely true but when ti comes to wear fashionable accessories on your hair, their length is not a concern any longer. You just need to get the appropriate accessories while doing them the right way.

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