Corona Virus Solution World Art TV Hall of Fame

Corona Virus Solution World Art TV Hall of Fame

World Art Awards – A Global Art Award Founded by Shepherd Clark

Art is an integral part of our everyday life. It is a way of expression and a way of making people understand things that can’t be expressed verbally. Art is powerful as it can influence our feelings, our culture, and many other things in life. There are so many reasons why art is important in the world. Many of us love works of art as it helps us emotionally, psychologically, and even helps people to shape their personality. Whether you are an artist or a lover of art, you’ll understand the indispensable role of art in our lives. Some artists create works of art to earn a living, others do it as a hobby, while others create art to express themselves. Despite being an important element in society, art hasn’t been given the attention it deserves. In fact, art remains under-represented, and it’s about time things changed. That’s why World Art TV has come up with a noble idea to host World Art Awards in Orlando, Florida, to recognize the amazing work done by artists.

Corona Virus Solution World Art TV Hall of Fame

The World Art Awards will take place in late 2020 via online media, whereby artists and lovers of art are invited to participate. You can select your perk from the various judging levels offered by the organizers of the event and be part of a historic event. Artists will be able to showcase their work and patrons will judge the art and determine the winners. To make the event even extraordinary, World Art has made strategic alliances with individuals and organizations to deliver the best award event possible. At the event, there will be renowned artists, athlete-artists, and other inspirational figures whose presence will provide a stage that reflects inspirational power to the unique world of art.

The event will be held via the World Art Champions App as part of the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  If you are an artist who specializes in Fine, Performing, Decorative, and Recording Arts, select your perk today and get ready for greater exposure. The awards will emphasize relevance, originality, and mastery. If you have works of art with an inspiring message that is creatively delivered to the intended audience and brilliantly executed, you are the kind of person that World Art is looking for to give you a global platform to showcase your work in a major tourist city—Orlando, Florida. Better yet, you stand a chance of getting into World Art’s Hall of Fame.

Supporters of World Art will also participate in evaluating art, receive gifts, get inspired by renowned athlete-artists, and meet inspiring artists. The best thing about this event is that it’s not only meant to give greater exposure to artists and allow patrons to evaluate artwork, but it’s also designed to elevate lives.

The World Art Awards was founded by Shepherd Clark, who’s an athlete in figure skating, an artist and an entertainer as well.  Clark founded this event to inspire artists so that they maximize their talent.

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