Portable Home Gym

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The Unmatched INTENT SPORTS® Home Portable Gym

Since the dawn of performing exercises from home, nobody has ever seen a spectacular portable home gym as that from INTENT SPORTS®.  Many sports and fitness companies have tried to develop several at-home workout pieces of equipment, but none has ever produced a piece of equipment that suits all bodies easily, adjusts very fast, and adapts progress quickly. Neither, there no workout equipment that is fully portable or that which does not require a serious learning curve if it is not the INTENT SPORTS® home portable gym.

Portable Home Gym

So, what is this INTENT SPORTS® home portable gym? The INTENT SPORTS® home portable gym is a piece of at-home workout equipment, whose design allows you to perform a series of compound and isolation exercises, with full control of resistance and range of motion. Interestingly, it adjusts to you as a user, and the exercise itself. I know you have never seen a piece of basic portable gym equipment that adds dynamic elements to all the exercises you undertake include squats, bench press, biceps curls, leg raises and, many others apart from the INTENT SPORTS® home portable gym. Imagine you can do up to 76 workouts, so amazing!

The INTENT SPORTS® home portable gym allows you to build your body into your desired shape and muscles to the extent that you wish. This gym accommodates all the people despite the level of training that they need. It impressively adapts to your current physical conditions. If you are a beginner, it makes you stay very much motivated while for the advanced users, INTENT SPORTS® home portable gym poses to you a great challenge that enables you to reach further.

There is no reason as to why you should not use this unique INTENT SPORTS® home portable gym. With its compact design, it provides an unequivocal solution to the progressive load of training and works superbly for all the muscles in the body. If you like traveling, INTENT SPORTS® home portable gym will be your close partner since you do not need much effort and space to carry it. It mainly contains resistance bands that you use in varied ways to challenge your body through many exercises.

Another incredible feature that will leave your mouth agape is that you can easily and quickly adjust the fly by a simple click of a button. This design is so unique and it is through this mechanism and structure that you can change the moves and resistance as you work out. Believe you me that after you have completed one exercise, you will only take a second to change to the other. It is extremely easy to use.

INTENT SPORTS® home portable gym is a top-notch idea that time will never pass it. What are you waiting to acquire it? You could have grabbed yours like yesterday. Stop the hustle and bustle of keeping fit wherever you are and at any time by purchasing the INTENT SPORTS® home portable gym. You will never regret but rather get into a pleasant exercise experience of your life.

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