4 Tips To Help You Dye Your Fur Coat With The Perfect Color

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If you want your fur coat to have a new appearance, then one thing you should definitely consider is dyeing the fur with a new color. This will give your fur an entirely new characteristic. Below, we look at four tips that can help you immensely while dyeing the fur.


Decide The Type Of Color

One of the first things to decide is the type of coloring you wish to apply on the fur. And in this regard, your options are endless. In fact, the colors and patterns you use on the fur are only limited by your imagination. One of the most chosen styles is the fading color style in which one color is applied on the fur that fades from a strong to light shade. This gives the coat a nice, warm look. Another popular effect used is the stripes. As the name suggests, this involves using a single color to paint stripes across the coat.

Select The Perfect Dye

The next step involves selecting the right type of dye for your fur coat. For this, it is advisable that you check the collar of the fur and look at the label attached to it. It will have information that outlines how to take proper care of the coat and also the type of dyes that are allowed to be used on it. In case, any specific dyes are not mentioned, then it is better to stick with using only acid dyes. This is because acid dyes are able to stain the coat in a way that does not end up causing any lasting damage to the fur.

Fur Preparation

Now, you will have to prepare the fur for the dyeing process. And for this, you have to check the weight of the fur. This will help you determine how much dye is required to get the color you are looking for. Once done, you will also need to know the quantities of dye that is to be used. And when that too has been determined, you can move on to the final stage.

The Dyeing Process

You can start the dyeing process by pouring water into the washing machine. Once you have filled in the minimum level of water required, submerge the fur coat completely in it. Now, switch on the machine and let it run for a few minutes until the coat is completely soaked. Then, take out the fur, and mix the dye with the water. And when you are sure that the dye has completely dissolved in the water, you can place the coat back inside and switch on the machine again. After a few minutes, your fur will be evenly coated with the dye. You can also put in about a cup of vinegar when mixing the dye. This will ensure that the dye will stick to the surface of the coat better.

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