7 Fancy Wedding Decorating Ideas

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Your wedding day is a time when everyone is showing their love and support to you and your new spouse, so it should be a day that features the colors and decorations that you want.

From bright colors to fun centerpieces and favors, there are a few interesting wedding decorating ideas that will make your day stand out from others.

Ceiling Details
An elegant way to decorate for the wedding or the reception is to drape cloths across the ceiling. White cloths blend with any color, but if you want to add a little pizzazz, then use cloths that match the colors in your wedding.

Drapes strategically placed over the tables at the reception venue offer a flowing appearance along with vases filled with water, food coloring and flowers.

Card Display
Guests can sign a card that will be displayed on a board instead of leaving them on a table. Create a board with the same colors and designs of the wedding so that everything blends together.

An idea would be a green background with cards that look like flowers. Another idea with this kind of board is to display table numbers for guests so that they know where to sit at the reception.

Chalkboard Signs
These are a trend that will likely last for awhile. Get creative with the font that is used on the signs instead of a traditional cursive writing. Spray paint the frames in colors of gold or silver so that they add a bit of sparkle to the wedding and the reception.

A Splash Of Color
When everything is white and simple, add a touch of color with glassware. You can use a few bouquets of flowers on the tables, but colored glassware against a white tablecloth will make an impact that guests will remember.

A table runner with a few bold designs and bright colors will also stand out as long as you coordinate the colors with the glassware.

Photo Fun
From creating a wall of pictures of the happy couple to a wall of pictures of family members, have fun with photos at the wedding and the reception. Rent a photo booth so that guests can take pictures, using fun accessories that include a mustache or two or a few feathers.

Hanging Lanterns
Paper lanterns in various sizes are a decorative idea that will bring both elegance and creativity to the reception. Display the lanterns in a staggered design over the tables at the reception, some hanging lower than others. The key to this design is to use lanterns that are different sizes but are of the same color.

The Right Lighting
Candles in various sizes on the reception tables and at the wedding venue will offer sparkling light so that you don’t have to use as many overhead lights. Candles also create a romantic atmosphere, which is how you want to feel on your wedding day.

Elegant plates and glassware capture the twinkling lights of the flames, delivering an ambiance that is memorable for the wedding party and the guests.

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