All You Need to Know About Cutting Boards – Which Cutting Board is Better?

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Different kinds of dishes we see on the dining table have gone through different phases like washing, chopping and cooking. They’re made in a specific way to get the desired taste. Chopping/cutting is the main part of any recipe. To get your recipe ready, a right kind of cutting board is required. One may be confused with different kinds of cutting boards available in the market. It’s not necessary that all of them are a good choice. Most of them are not safe as they can lead to serious health conditions due to the cross contamination of different materials. Since bacteria are everywhere, they can grow everywhere.


If you’re looking for a new cutting board for your kitchen, consider buying natural cutting boards that are made from a single wood piece. Natural cutting boards are supposed to be a safe choice as they don’t have any possible negative side effects. Using a knife on unnatural cutting boards releases harmful chemicals to the food that can pose a serious threat to your health. So, always prefer using natural boards over plastic boards and unnatural boards.


Below are some handy tips to keep your cutting board clean and germ-free;

  • Scrub your board in hot water after each use.
  • Disinfect your board with a bleach solution to get rid of all the possible germs and bacteria.
  • If your board has crevices, cracks, grooves or chips where germs can hide, you should consider buying a new one. You can oil your cutting board to prevent cracking.
  • To avoid possible cross-contamination, use one cutting board for poultry, seafood and raw meat and, and another for fruits, vegetables, bread and other foods.

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