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Most of us love to spend time out with friends, family or even alone. Be it a calm, peaceful afternoon at the beach, evening near the pool or simply sitting sending time with nature under a tree. Open air has the power of healing, consoling and comforting us. No matter what situation we are facing, we feel refreshed and more energetic after spending time outside rather than indoors. We all want comfortable environment while we are out. And one thing that makes our experience comfortable is our seating i.e. where we sit, what sort of furniture we sit on, etc. And outdoor cushions are one of the best option to make outdoor experience comfortable and cozy.

Indratech and Terrace Living Co. have come up with yet another innovation. This is named as Tru-Door. It is an amazing snuggly cushion with some exceptional qualities giving you comfy experience. It is durable drainable and extremely comfortable to sit or lean on. One of the unique quality of Tru-Door is that it can be left outside without worrying that it will get wet in surprise rain shower. It can survive in any weather. Worry no more! As Tru-Outdoor is made up of induraspring which is soft material having the ability to drain water rapidly without locking it inside which prevents the cushions from molds and mildew. The company assure that it dries ten times faster than other cushions. Not just this, the cushions are fashionable which will suit any of your outdoor furniture. They are available in different colors and sizes so that you can buy according to your need and requirements. It is durable, will not wear out fast and easily affordable. It is made to be used in porches, near pools, picnic outside, restaurants and hotels. Interestingly, it is very easy to carry due to its light weight so you can even carry it to your solo trip to beach or a park. The company takes pride in the fact that the cushion is made with 100% recyclable and eco-friendly material hence does not even harming the environment anyway. Not just this, there is still more to Tru-Outdoor. It is slip-resistant and does not flattens like other cushions as it is made of strong and firm material.

Stylish designs, comfort, durability, affordability, support and stylish design: this is how we can sum up the features of Tru-Outdoor. You do not have to change them every now and then as unlike factory cushions who are not meant to last for a longtime, Tru-Outdoor lasts for years.

Who does not want such a cushion which comes with so many extraordinary qualities? The best part is that it is not even expensive like other cushions who do not even have such quality as Tru-Outdoor. The material is so soft that it won’t even cause you any pain the body So, wait no more! Show your extra love and support to this super comfortable cushion which will make your outdoor seating experience warm and cosy.

For more detail visit now: Tru-Outdoor Cushions: Dry Fast, Sit Comfy, Last for Years

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