Men’s Underwear Tips – Briefs for Highs and Slip for Lows

funny men's undies

That men have completely changed their behavior towards fashion we have known for a while. Full of style, they are more attentive to their own appearance and this care also extends to their underwear. Whoever produces for this market needs to keep an eye on trends to create collections that appeal to this increasingly demanding public.

funny men's undies

The man who thinks he can put on that torn shirt and old shorts at bedtime still lives in cave times. Just like women, who usually have a real trousseau, boys also need to know how to choose pajamas and underwear that are charming and comfortable. After going out on the streets and listening to what the big guys are wearing at home, the experts taught them how to choose the right underwear. Write down the tips:

– Tall men can opt for the boxer model and funny men’s undies, which has a thicker side. Men of medium height, on the other hand, should choose the traditional slip, which lengthens the leg, as it has a smaller side;

– Seamless panties: Avoid inconveniences generated by the seam between parts of the garment;

– Fabric with cooling system: Quick drying, perfect for those who practice sports;

– Modal fabric: Fiber extracted from wood pulp made from cellulose, absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton. It is resistant to repeated washings, does not lose the softness and shine of colors;

– Pima cotton: Recognized worldwide for its shine and texture, in addition to its high absorption and durability.

Photography in underwear prints

That’s right! The most stylish men will love the boldness of seeing art in underwear. But it’s not just any image: the trend suggests records of scenes between couples, super-romantic. Fabrics such as plain half-knit with stitching in similar shades are good backdrops for photographs. Fashion should catch on even among the youngest.

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