How to Make Homemade Decor Using Roof Shingles

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Have you just finished replacing the shingles on your roof? According to the Northeast Recycling Council, millions of tons of roof shingles are hauled away from construction sites and home repairs every year. Instead of adding to the waste, why not recycle and repurpose the leftover shingles from your roof renovation? You’ll get to try your hand at some fun new projects while helping promote a sustainable community to live in.

Here are six ways to reuse old roof shingles into inexpensive and beautiful homemade decor and practical gifts for family and friends.

Border for the garden

Shingles stacked together or laid down side-by-side look amazing in the garden. Use them to make gorgeous borders by stacking them up. The half circles will create an intricate pattern.

How to Make Homemade Decor Using Roof Shingles

You can also use shingles as a border around plants to keep weeds from cropping up. Or you can lay them down brick-style and turn them into attractive and sturdy landscaping paths.


Similarly, you can use asphalt shingles to create a beautiful and long-lasting mat for your front door. Just glue some old shingles together, paint a decorative pattern or a big “WELCOME” sign on it, and let the whole thing dry.


If you have gorgeous slate shingles left over from a renovation, pick out a nicely textured one and use it to make a one-of-a-kind clock with an industrial look. This craft project is one that’s particularly useful and can even be given away as a gift.

All you need is an old slate shingle, recycled clock parts, batteries, some epoxy, hanging hardware, pliers, and a drill.

Use the pliers to break off small bits along the sides of the shingle to give it a rustic look. Use eye protection and thick gloves while doing this. Next, you need to drill holes so you can attach the clock parts to the shingle. You’ll need the epoxy to secure the numbers and the clock mechanism.

You’ll also need epoxy to attach the hanging hardware to the rear of the shingle. Let the shingle dry, insert the batteries, and set the hands of the clock to the right time.

Wine rack

The blogger at Vine Dawgs shows us a way of using recycled roof shingles and a repurposed dresser to make a spacious and attractive wine rack. The project requires no nails, tools, or screws, and the finished product is able to hold dozens of bottles of wine.

Candle sconces

Shingles have the perfect shape for holding candles. They’re tall enough for long candles and the semicircle protects the flame from breezes. Meanwhile, the material is heat-resistant and keeps soot from staining your walls.

To turn your old shingle into a candle sconce, install a metal base for the candle and a hanging mechanism so you can affix the sconce to the wall. Leave the shingles as they are for a gorgeous rustic look.


You can also use recycled shingles in the kitchen. Turn slate shingles into trivets by sanding down the edges, painting them, varnishing them, and affixing them to cork tiles from the craft store. These slate trivets will help protect your counters and dining table from hot pots and pans. You can make smaller versions of these and use them as coasters.

There are so many other things you can make from old roof shingles, including turning them into beautiful artwork. Just clean them up and paint them. You can also cut them into different shapes and use them to hold cards, keys, and knickknacks.

Regardless of which craft project you choose to embark on, you’ll surely end up with a repurposed shingle item that will add beauty to your home. We hope you have fun trying some of these projects!

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