How Can Real Estate Agents Take Advantage of Social Media?

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“Social media is extremely time-consuming.”

“Social media is overrated and does not produce any results.”

“Social media is complicated.”

“I can’t afford to spend hours each day on social media.”

While it is unfortunate to note, there is no end to the excuses people have when it comes to social media.

However, at this time and age, any marketing effort can benefit greatly from social media and real estate agents are no exception.

Suffice it to say, if you are a real estate agent without any social media presence, you are missing out big time.

Since most people now have easy access to the Internet, it is safe to assume they’d be checking out websites or social media pages of prospective real estate agents to learn more about the services they are offering and to gauge if they are the right fit.

While seemingly straightforward, social media can be challenging for those real estate agents who are not aware of the ways they can use the platforms to work to their advantage.

A good social media strategy should involve techniques that can grab the target audience’s interest and get them interested.

Below are some of the techniques that should be integrated in your social media strategy:


Make the site interactive to encourage visitor engagement.

You can do this by showing pictures of community and neighborhood events within the vicinity of the property you are selling.

Another surefire way to get people talking would be to ask their opinions on different topics related to real estate.

For instance, “What’s your favorite thing about the South End’s farmer market?” or “What is the ideal bathroom hue for spring?”

Post and share real estate tips on a consistent basis.

Content like “Moving Belongings Without Stress,” or “To Do Lists for New Buyers,” will surely get the attention of site visitors.

It will also show them you are a knowledgeable real estate agent who always has their best interest in mind.

Links to news videos, opinion pieces, and articles will also keep people updated and in the know.

Get your site visitors excited and involved.

Contests will not only encourage visitors to like, retweet, and share content, it’s also a superb way to get their attention and get them excited.

It will also give them a reason to visit your site more often.

Have them post and share favorite home photos or share a dream real estate listing to become eligible to join.

You can also consider partnering with other businesses in the community so you can provide more lucrative prizes.

Interact with other users on social media.

Like, share, comment, or retweet relevant posts from other people and businesses.

Not only will this significantly boost your visibility, it will also highlight your involvement in the online community.

If you only talk about yourself or your services and forego interaction, you will not be able to forge any worthwhile business relationships.

That being said, consider spending at least 30 minutes daily to interact with prospective clients and visitors so they would be able to connect with you on a more personal level.


Create interesting real estate videos.

This might involve a significant amount of work but it will be well worth the effort.

The fact that people love and prefer visual content has been proven time and again.

Many people would always opt to watch videos as opposed to read text so make sure you provide them with something beneficial.

For instance, you can make videos of property tours or videos addressing common real estate concerns.

If you provide helpful information, they might even share your videos on their pages and that will do wonders for your online visibility.

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