Winter Looks – How to be Fashion in the Most Charming Season of the Year

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Unisex Clothing

Ah, winter! When it arrives, we take the opportunity to eat a tasty fondue, sleep under that warm comforter and abuse the hats and scarves that are kept all year. It is also the time of year when we can create different looks, with elegant pieces and a variety of minimalism fabrics. Enjoy the cold to stay super fashion with Unisex Clothing!

Winter looks to work with

To keep your body warm while working, invest in the overlays, the blazer, the thick pantyhose and that closed shoe that you haven’t seen in a while, with or without heels. The important thing is to appreciate comfort.

Unisex Clothing

Winter looks with skirt

You can use the traditional short skirt with pantyhose underneath or, on less cold days, bet on a long skirt, of a thick and composed fabric. The piece is show with a maxi tricot on top.

Winter looks with pants

They are the stars of winter. Take the opportunity to put them all in the game! With a bootie and the right Unisex Clothing, the look is infallible for you to shine throughout the winter.

Winter looks with trench coat

The height of sophistication! There is no way to be more elegant in winter than with a beautiful trench coat. The long coat lengthens our silhouette and protects us well from the cold, wind and rain. Must have!

Unisex Clothing

Winter looks with maxi tricot

Grandma’s cardigan is on the rise and came back with everything in size GG! That’s right, the bigger and cozier the better. Whether maxi tricot or maxi cardigan, you won’t want anything else on the coldest days. And, in addition, it will still waste style there.

Winter looks with ponchos and blankets

Have you never risked a poncho or a woolen blanket? Well don’t waste any time. They are practical, light and warm our bodies. Not to mention that they keep you super aligned with the trends of the fashion world, girl!

Unisex Clothing

Winter looks with boot

Essential accessory for cold weather, and especially on rainy days! And there are possibilities for models. Low, medium or long, with or without heels, black or in any other color, leather, plastic, suede … and follow the list!

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