The Amazing World Of Antiques, Collectibles & Memorabilia

The Amazing World Of Antiques

Looking for and purchasing prized collectibles and memorabilia may be your hobby or your primary business. Whatever it is, there are times when you locate something that you simply must own.

If you are shopping with a good friend or family member who does not share your passion the question they are going to ask of you is “Where will you put that?

The Amazing World Of Antiques

Hobbyist collector vs Serious collector

The hobbyist extractor may be dissuaded from purchasing the item when such thing is asked. The serious collector understands a place can be found and calmly responds in that way.

Online vintage auctions are excellent sources for buying collectibles, and auctions such as Hollywood Collectibles will offer you some marvelous pieces at surprisingly low prices.

There are ways to use Hollywood Collectibles vintage auctions to your advantage such as sniping software and searching for valuable pieces that are obviously going to offer for a lot less that their real value, but you have to find out about them to use them.

What is Vintage collection?

First a meaning of the phrase ‘vintage’, many people confuse vintage with antique, but the two are not the same, not at all in fact. If I tell you that the word is borrowed from the wine beverages industry then that will give a clearer idea of its meaning.

Just as a vintage wine is one made from fruit grown in certain years, or periods within a year, a classic vintage has been made throughout a certain period, and that is probably not old enough for it to be reported an antique.

If you know about antiques then you will agree that it is quite intriguing. How to make a distinction between antiques and collectibles?  Here is the difference:


if a display piece in an art gallery is more than 100 years old, then it is known as an antique piece. You must be aware of the fact that for Canadian art pieces, people calculate using the 50-year time frame as Canada is a new nation in comparison to places such as Asia and Europe.


Memorabilia is an art piece that has an age lower than 100 years old and is valued due to its aesthetic appeal or historical importance. It occupies the space in between for art pieces that aren’t as old to be categorized as antique pieces.

Another type are the collectible items which are produced in huge quantities. They include things like the Trading cards, Beanie Babies, and figurines. They are not considered to be of much importance as they don’t have much art value. However, what manufacturers do in order to create desire for them among collectors is to manufacture limited quantities of them.


You will be surprised to know that collectibles and memorabilia are completely in contrast to each other. Collectibles are beautiful and intricate artistic things. They never served any utilitarian purpose. Some examples would be like film posters, cameras, sports events, TV sets and musical instruments which belong to this set. Film posters were used to promote films, and sports events were used to give out details, cameras, TV sets and musical instruments were being used for various other purposes.

If you truly plan on buying some collectibles, then check out make sure that you do not overspend as it has an awesome collection and also offers tips on avoiding pitfalls. Now get the variety of collectibles at Hollywood Collectibles, if you are a great fan.

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