Millennial on Engagement and Engagement Rings

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When it comes to shopping for engagement rings, millennials are among the different groups of people who determine their fate. Unlike the past, people are now opting for lab-grown alternatives that go for a lower price when people are spending more than a million dollars on buying engagement rings. They look similar to a diamond engagement ring but are cheaper. Buy Best Diamond cheap engagement rings for you.

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Cheap Engagement Rings

The lab-grown alternative has been in existence since 1954, but it started gaining popularity during the past few years. However, this option is still small, and companies manufacturing these diamonds like MiaDonna and Pure Grown Diamonds contribute very little to the market share.

According to a report by Forbes, there might be changes, which states that lab-grown alternatives could raise their contribution in the market share to 7.5% in 2020. People were being stigmatized for buying these alternatives, but the stigma is slowly disappearing due to millennials’ shopping tastes.

According to a survey carried out by MVI Marketing, 70% of a survey carried out in 1000 people of ages ranging between 21 and 40 said they would prefer buying lab-grown diamonds compared to the normal diamonds. These findings can be attributed to the fact that lab-grown diamonds are similar to mined diamonds.

Even if the manufacturing companies of lab-grown diamonds are prohibited from referring to these diamonds as ‘real’ diamonds because they are not, they are very similar. The diamonds grown in labs are made from tiny diamond fragments and have the same chemical composition and physical structure as that of mined diamonds.

Planning Engagement Together

Most young couples are starting to make engagement an event for planning together and exchanging ideas mutually. Unlike traditionally, when men surprised the woman with a proposal, millennials make the engagement day feel more egalitarian.

This new trend relieves the man of some pressure and adds control to the woman over their life and engagement day. Some couples even surprise each other on the engagement day.

Getting an Engagement Ring with a Story

While millennials have embraced the idea of an engagement ring according to the traditions, there is a little twist. Most millennials want their engagement ring to feel unique and to have a story behind them.

To end up with a unique ring, a couple can opt for a ring with a custom design, an engagement ring made of vintage, or a classic ring added personal elements like artistic designs, a colored gemstone, or a diamond shape.

Perfect Accompaniments

Awhile back, the phrase ‘engagement ring selfie’ was unknown, but it is now a part of being engaged. After wearing their perfect ring, a millennial will take a picture and share it with their friends and family through social media or other platforms.

Some even go the extra step and accompany their engagement ring with a perfect set of manicure to add to the ring’s aesthetics. If you search ‘engagement ring manicure’ on Pinterest, you will find many ideas and inspirations.

The most common form of manicure uses gel or polish on the fingernail with the engagement ring to make the finger stand out. Some even use glittery polish and airbrush sweet words like ‘yes’ or ‘I do’ across it.

Photo Shoots for Engagement

Since most millennials are born in the age of rampant sharing of photos and digital photography, their memory has to be documented. Traditionally, couples shot only on engagement portraits in a photographer’s studio.

Nowadays, millennials often schedule a photoshoot that will cover the whole engagement day. They ensure different shots are taken, like shots of them reenacting the proposal doing what they like most and photos of them in their favorite places. There are many wedding image editing tools, you can fine online.

There are no Engagement Rings

Bearing in mind, we are talking about a generation that might not be so keen on marriage; this is not surprising. Millennials do not like calling the rings engagement rings. They say the rings are a symbol of love, and this can be in any form of relationship- it does not have to be in engaged and married people.

They prefer calling them commitment rings. Most of these commitment rings are unisex, and most are sourced according to different ethics. There are commitment rings that have thick bans to make them look gender ambiguous and are for men. All millennials want to feel catered for in the market and during the engagement day. They do not want to feel like they are in a marketing ploy or a campaign.

Diamond cheap engagement rings

Inclusivity on Engagement Day

The primary driver for millennials during the ceremony is sensibility, gender, and sexual orientations. Millennials are not ready to blindly follow traditions and instead bring an open perspective.

Also, during the ceremony, there are customizable styles, and there are aesthetics that are followed. Millennials want a unique ceremony, and so they have to keep some parameters to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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