JLM Couture Claims Designer Hayley Paige’s 8-Minute Video Misleads Her Public, Fans




JLM Couture, the famous manufacturer of wedding gowns, declared facts of Hayley Paige Gutman’s shameful Instagram clip discloses many fake stories aimed at misguiding her fans and the public– and belittling her previous company.

Hayley published the clip following the days when New York-based JLM filed a suit against the wedding gown designer once she high jacked the Instagram account of company and started publishing content to market her separate business. Hayley also rejected the claim to publish anything on the company Instagram account that is used to promote the company brands. With the problem of not being able to use its social media account, JLM had to knock the court’s door to get back the account’s logon details.

After hearing the case, the court passed an order for Hayley to handover the logon details of social media accounts to JLM.

A falsehood claimed-video reveals that Paige has the intention to disparage JLM.

Check out some falsehoods showed in the video:

  • Hayley said, “I started job at JLM Couture in 2011 when I was 25s and I did not hired an attorney.” It’s absolutely false. Actually, Hayley hired an attorney during every negotiation to reach an agreement beneficial for both parties. Ms. Gutman demanded compensation, a part of the sales.
  • Hayley said, “the company demands the logon information of my social media account”. It’s absolutely false. Her account was registered in 2012. It was the company account from the first day to promote its brands. The court ordered to provide account details to the company.
  • Hayley said, the company does not allow her to remove any personal photos from Instagram account. In point of fact, JLM asked her to delete all not branded photos related to other businesses and republish all the posts related to company brands but she denied. Moreover, Hayley also updated the logon details of Instagram account restricting the access for JLM.

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