Salon Chairs: 5 Things to Know Before You Buy

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Comfortable sitting plays an important role either you are traveling, resting, or are in the office. The same is the case in the hair salons and hairdressing salon furniture matters a lot. In other words, it determines the comfort level of your client and if your client is comfortable, then it will not make the image of your salon positive but also increase your confidence level. The most important of them is the Hairdressing salon chair where the client will spend most of his time.

In this article, we will describe some of the best tips that you may consider before buying the hairdressing salon chair along with some of the strategies for its proper use. So, let’s start.

Salon Chairs

  • Client Comfort

As discussed in the introduction, client comfort is the priority of every hairdressing salon owner and as he or she must be spending most of his time on a salon chair, then it should be comfortable. The clients will be spending a lot of hours on these salon chairs and it must have lumbar support, the cushion should be comfortable and of good quality, and the width should be comfortable for all clients regardless of their size. The more comfortable the client will be, the more appreciation you will get, and he will probably turn into a permanent client.

  • Stylist Comfort

The stylist is the person that determines the potential of the business in the hairdressing business. Hence its performance and working conditions matter a lot and should be considered properly by the owner or manager. For this reason, always buy a salon chair that must be according to the height of your stylist. Moreover, there are also some salon chairs with hydraulic bases and their height could be adjusted and locked accordingly.

So, whenever you are buying a salon chairs, always consider the height and operational capability of your stylists and chose the ones according to their comfort. This will probably enhance their output.

  • Quality

Quality is the factor that will determine the lifetime of your hairdressing salon chair. There are plenty of brands out there in the market and some of the best could be found salondirectgroup. Some of the good brands of the salon chair are quite expensive out there in the market. But keep in mind that they are the most important part of your hair salon equipment.

So, it a one-time investment and if you invest in some of the good quality salon chairs such as  Clint (Wayne), then they will last longer and you don’t have to replace or buy the salon chairs again and again. Moreover, the better the chair is, the more comfort it will provide.

  •  Material

Different brands of hairdressing salon chairs will offer chairs of different quality, sizes, and materials. For instance, some of them will have a short width with a marginal cushion while the other will have sufficient width with some extra support of high-quality cushions. The more comfortable it will be, the more benefit you and your client will get from it. Well, that also depends on your budget that which type of them you are getting. As described earlier, it is a one-time investment, and you should choose wisely.

Moreover, you should the one that should match the outlay of your salon like color, etc. some of the other important factors to consider include:

  • Base like flat round, Italian base, etc.
  • Weight
  • Stability
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty
  • Covering material like leather, etc.

flat round, flat square, star, and Italian bases each have pros and cons, so consider stability, weight distribution, upkeep, and maintenance.

  • Warranty

The Warranty of the product tells a lot about its built quality and we can predict its lifetime with its warranty. For instance, if there is less or no warranty, then the chances that the quality and the materials used in the product may be of low quality. Similarly, if the company is giving a warranty like of 1 year, then it would be less hassle and you can at least use that salon chair for one year without any hassle. Remember that buy only the salon chair which has at least 1 year of warranty.


Hence it is proved that the salon chair is one of the most important parts of hairdressing salon furniture and how it impacts your operations and the image of your salon. The search for the best hairdressing salon chair will always be challenging, but if you do consider the above-given tips, then it will be a lot easy for you. Wish you Goodluck with your business.

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