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The Most Popular Vape Tricks and How to Do Them

Vape Tricks

Cigarettes smokers may have invented the classic smoke ring in the past, but now that we have e-cigarettes, there a whole bunch of tricks that could do the best smoke tricks wow. Whether you’re entertaining your friends or practicing alone, showing off cool vapor stunts is something both advanced, and the novice vapers can enjoy. There are a bunch of cool vapor stunts from the ghost inhale, waterfall, tornadoes, and much more. In this post, we’ll outline some of the most popular vaping tricks vapers can learn and use to step up their vape.

Vape Tricks


However, before you start any tricks, you need the right equipment. The fact is any vaporizer, or e juice will do the work, but the best vapes for tricking are those capable of making large vapor. To get the best result, rdta atomizer is the best for creating voluminous and large vapor clouds.

  1. Ghost Inhale

The Ghost inhales also known as mushroom cloud or snap inhale. The trick entails ‘snapping’ a ball of vapor back in after releasing. You can perform Ghost Inhale by simply inhaling a long drag and leave in the oral cavity for some seconds, then exhale the vapor in a ball shape.

  1. The Waterfall

Take a bottle with a small amount of water freeze in the bottom; then take a long deep drag, and blow the vapor from your mouth directly into the bottle. Then tip on a smooth flat surface, the vapor will pour out in a liquid-like stream. The vapor will spread out over the smooth surface like a rolling wave.

  1. The Dragon

The dragon is another vape trick you can quickly do to impress. All you have to do is take a drag – don’t inhale it; then exhale it through your nose and both sides of your mouth with force.

  1. Blowing O’s

You start by taking a drag and holding it back without inhaling. Then shape your lips into a round O shape by pocking it (like a fish face). Finally, push the vapor to the front of your mouth by using your tongue to blow air to push a small, dense puff of vapor through your lips.

  1. Tornado

All you have to do is carefully exhale your vapor on a super flat surface, (it should be thick). The next step is chopping your hands on the surface. Afterward, flick your wrist up and raise your arm. Make sure to do it all at once.

Vaping tricks are a great way to impress and pass the time. Whether you do it alone or with your friends, it can be a fun thing to do. However, these tricks may take some time before you master them, but it is worth the effort if you want to impress your friends and family with these tricks. So, to learn more about vaping visit

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