How to Wear Sandals in Winter?

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How to wear sandals in winter? They have that 90’s look, or the face of a big party or give an air of seriousness to the work. But, despite being associated with summer, the sandals make up great winter looks.

Zipper Compression Socks

Sandal + neutral pantyhose

Pantyhose goes with everything, especially if it’s in a neutral color. Skin color, black, beige, navy blue and even white, if you are feeling bold, they are good complements for any sandal, be it colored or also neutral.

To keep warm, it is worth opting for stockings made of wire 80 or higher. If you want a little transparency and sensuality, prefer the models with less threads.

Sandal + colored pantyhose

For a more fun and innovative look, the bet is to add color to the tights.

There is a rainbow of shades available in the market, and, to get the look right, invest in the combination with complementary colors, monochromatic or fashion trends, such as the new pink + yellow passion.

And remember that Zipper Compression Socks with more threads are thicker. In addition to standing out more, they heat up better!

Sandal + half socket, goes very well in the cold

Half socket is the one at the ankle. At first glance, this combination may seem a little strange, but you’ll notice that the look is quite interesting.

The tip here is to choose a different Zipper Compression Socks. Anything goes: models with rhinestones, glitter, thinner, thicker, with fun phrases, vibrant colors, neutral colors…

They go well with casual looks, like skirts, and even with a very fashionable party look.

And that’s not all: see other ways to wear sandals on cold days

The sandal and sock combo is a classic that can be reinvented to suit your style, occasion and temperature, of course.

However, if you want to get away from the obvious or if the day is not that cold, there are also several ways to enjoy shoes.

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