5 Women’s Dress Shirts That Help You Step Up Your Style Game

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Women’s dress shirts are simple, chic, and classic. From client meetings to regular workdays to business lunches – and every occasion in-between – these shirts are essential to have in your closet. So long as you have a button-up that fits you perfectly, you are ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

A good dress shirt is the easiest way to look sharp and also to add variety to your office outfits. If you are looking to dress up your everyday office clothes and step up your style game elegantly and with ease, then here are the 5 dress shirts you might want to consider adding to your wardrobe.

White Shirt – Always Classy

You can never go wrong with this classic dress shirt. White shirt is without any doubt the most sought-after women’s button-up that can be worn with anything and everything. It has the power to make you look and feel your very best and is your trusted ally for every conceivable business event. 

“There’s just one thing about the white dress shirt. Since every woman probably owns some version of it, it is worth the while to make sure you get the perfect one for yourself in order to stand out,” says Merit Lookene, the designer and stylist at dress shirt brand Ella Hopfeldt.  

All white shirts are not created equal and to end up with the one that enhances your style, you should look for the following: 

  • Good quality. The quality of any white shirt shows in its fabric, its workmanship, and numerous details. A well-made shirt looks good, feels good, and is the sensible option for someone looking to step up their style game. 
  • Perfect Fit. Elegance is 80% about fit. Gaping buttons, boxy fit, or awkward arm holes ruin your style, your look, and ultimately also your day. 

For an additional dose of elegance and class, look for a white shirt with French cuffs. French cuffs (also known as double cuffs) offer a chance to get creative with cufflinks that are sure to add a final spark to your outfit. White shirt with double cuffs

Blue Shirt – Fresh and Fashionable

Blue shirt is the cornerstone of office style. Smart, cool, and forever professional it is the ideal foundation for everyday looks. This button-up is less formal than the white shirt but just as versatile. It combines beautifully with all your pants, skirts and blazers and allows you to create outfits that are polished and unique. 

When shopping for the blue shirt it is important to get the color right. You want a shirt that looks bright and vibrant, not dull and faded. The fabric of the shirt plays a significant role here. Premium quality, fine cotton fabrics tend to have a subtle luster that contributes to the luminosity and luxurious look of the shirt. Even better if the fabric has some texture – the shirt will look much more eye-catching and spectacular for it. Light blue Venice

Black Shirt – Dressy and Chic

A black dress shirt may seem like a hard style nut to crack but get it right and you will look super stylish and sophisticated. Black shirt is associated with formality and seriousness but also with prestige and elegance. It is inherently chic and has the potential to elevate any of your outfits.

The black shirt is bold and unique and to make the best of its character, it should be given prominence in the outfit. It is a piece that makes you stand out instantly and all other items should be there to complement it. Since the black shirt has a strong identity, mixing it with pieces that share the same style is a good idea. 

Black dress shirt

Striped Shirt – Stylish and Flattering

A striped shirt is a perfect choice for sharp dressers. Vertical stripes always look professional and add visual interest to your office outfits. It is a timeless pattern that never goes out of style. The contrast provided by the stripe colors provides a sophisticated and streamlined look that is ideal for making a statement. 

Traditional dress shirt colors like blue and pink also look beautiful on women’s striped shirts and are the easiest to combine in their versatility. The thinner the stripes, the more polished and professional the shirt is. Thicker stripes, on the other hand appear bold but will also make the shirt look more casual. 

Checkered Shirt – Bold and Distinctive

Including a checkered shirt in your wardrobe is a surefire way to boost your style without any fuss. The shirt will instantly set you aside from the rest thanks to its distinctive pattern and will make it easy to add some color to your office outfits. 

As with most patterns, the key to including checkered shirts into your office outfits is to keep the rest of it toned down. Checks, even the smallest ones, are always bold so it would be a good idea to let them do most of the talking and to combine them with neutral colors.

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