Top 3 Smart Outfits For Work

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In today’s workplace where dressing casually is becoming a lot more popular, it can be difficult to distinguish what accounts to smart wear. It is important to understand what kind of clothes is appropriate for work, so we’ve rounded up 3 versatile smart outfits that you can wear to your 9-5.


If you’re looking to stick to the classical approach, then stick to the obvious suit and tie to show them you mean business. The only trouble that there might be to this is that you’ll tend to blend in with everyone else, I recommend wearing a slim fit navy blue suit with a crisp shirt, make sure your trousers are slim for a sleek fit to stand out. With neutral tones always remember to pair the right shoes with your colours, whether your suit is grey to pair with brown shoes and if your suit is black to match with black shoes. A suit will always look good whilst maintaining the touch of class.

Now a lot of workplaces are quite lenient on the whole suit and tie business and if you’re one of the lucky fellas with this advantage then congratulations on having the freedom to dress comfortably! For this smart look, I suggest wearing black chinos and an oxford shirt tucked in. pair this with some leather shoes like loafers or oxford brogues and finish with an overcoat. Again even in a formal workplace, I would avoid wearing anything too bright so you still conform to a smart outfit.

If you have the opportunity to mix and match your smart clothing with casual then, by all means, go for it, keeping your tops versatile for your suit is important. So when dressing for a relaxed but smarter style I would recommend wearing a roll neck top or a fitted t-shirt with a subtly patterned suit. this adds an element of a formal look whilst maintaining the office rules. Your shoes should be the same colour as your belt. Brown shoes usually go well with lighter suit colours to contrast.

Now you’re all set to dress suitably for work, stick to the rules and guidelines we’ve set out for you and you’ll be the modern man everyone else in the office wants to be. Liven up your office with a few colourful smart ties. Wear your clothes with confidence.

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