Bikinis Of Summer 2018: Models That Will Bomb (And You Will Want To!)

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Bathing suits, One-pieces and Cover-Ups are indispensable items for the hottest season of the year, and summer bikini trends for summer 2018 are summed up to pieces that have already been incorporated into the wardrobe, such as the body, but this time with new details that promise make a difference when it comes to going to the beach or pool. Know more:

Bikinis Of Summer 2018 Models That Will Bomb (And You Will Want To!)

Crochet Bikini

Crocheted bathing suits have been on the rise for some time, however, for the next season, the colorful versions lose the turn for the nude pieces.

Whether in a set with panties and top or in a swimsuit, the outfits can gain custom props like shells and moorings.

Bikini hot pants

The hot Bikinis & Tankinis, which go up to the navel level, has gained more and more space in the wardrobe, it values ??the silhouette as it marks the waist and contours around the hip.

In addition to the flat models, this type of bikini is usually accompanied by details that promise to pump in the summer, like the strappy side, with horizontal strips.

To end the beach look, the trend is to combine the hot pant with a cloth bra and cutouts or with the newest favorite to the top: the wrapped top which crosses the tissue beneath the breasts and is tied to the back.

Bikini shoulder only

The neckline with only geometric cutouts in the neck region is one of the biggest international trends that promise to be successful among women.

The tops in this style are usually worn in conjunction with hot pant panties, always matching the color from the top to the bottom.

This detail also often appears in the swimsuits, added to a long sleeve on only one side. In long sleeve models there is still the possibility of including more ruffles and make the look more fun and full of movement.

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