Radiofrequency in the Belly and Buttocks to Burn Fat and Cellulite

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Radiofrequency is an excellent aesthetic treatment to do in the belly and buttocks because it helps to eliminate localized fat and still combats sagging, leaving skin firmer and harder. Each session lasts about 1 hour and the results are progressive, and after the last session the results can still be perceived for 6 months.

This treatment is provided with name of TruSculpt NYC as a beauty treatment. This treatment is especially suitable for people who are very close to their ideal weight, to improve the body contour with only localized fat, as an alternative to plastic surgery or can be made to improve the effects after having performed a tummy tuck, for example.

How radiofrequency works

Radiofrequency equipment is safe and can be performed on all people over 12 years of age. The waves reach the fat cells, located underneath the skin and over the muscles, and with the temperature rise of that region to 42ºC these cells break, eliminating the fat that contained inside. The fat stays in the interstitial space, between the other cells and so that they are actually eliminated from the body definitively, should be withdrawn through lymphatic drainage or through physical exercises.

The fat can stay in the interstitial space for up to 4 hours and so, after each treatment session, the person should perform a lymphatic drainage treatment at the place that has been treated or should practice some physical activity that is able to burn all the surplus fat.

Definitive result, without sagging

Eliminating fat gives stable and long-lasting results and as long as the person makes a healthy diet and practice physical activity regularly, it will not regain weight. However, if you consume more energy than your body spends, it is natural for you to gain weight and for fat to build up in certain regions of the body.

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