7 Trendy Jackets Every Man Should Own

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A jacket is a vital piece of any gentleman’s closet, but which one should you choose? With numerous alternatives, from the traditional leather jacket to the standard sports jacket, it can be overwhelming to pick from. In this post, we’ll showcase seven trendy jackets every man should own.

Trendy Jackets

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is one of the most adaptable selections you can make. It looks fantastic with nearly anything and consistently remains modern. For men’s style, it’s a must-have that pairs well with a simple white or black t-shirt and chinos. If you desire to make a courageous statement, you can try wearing double denim, which indicates pairing your denim jacket with jeans. The trick is to pick shades of denim that look good jointly.

Balenciaga Incognito Boxy Zip Hoodie In Black

Balenciaga is excellent at integrating extravagance with streetwear. The Balenciaga Incognito Boxy Zip Hoodie in Black steers off this mix flawlessly. This hoodie isn’t just apparel; it’s a remarkable segment.

Leather Jacket

Raw, robust, and contrary are the three words that define the vibe of a leather jacket. They never go out of fashion and have a remarkable perspective. Frequently named ‘biker jackets’, they’re ideal for days when you want a challenging, edgy look.

Varsity Hoodies

Varsity hoodies incorporate athletic style with fashion, giving off a sporty, college vibe. They often feature leather or faux leather sleeves, stripes, and embroidery for a classy touch. To show more school spirit, you can customize varsity hoodies with local high school or college team logos. They’re also great if someone needs a wider range of athletic brands or sports team gear.


A parka is a fashionable upgrade from your standard sweatshirts and track jackets, giving you a high-fashion look straight away. For a streetwear vibe, pair it with snipped wide-legged pants, clumpy sneakers, and a pail cap.

Biker Jackets

If you like a tough, edgy look, try wearing a brown biker jacket with a shirt or a plain white t-shirt. Finish the outfit with classic blue jeans and boots.

In the 20th century, biker jackets were witnessed as revolutionary. Now, they’re a must-have for both men and women.


For men’s semi-formal wear, the peacoat is the top choice. It’s perfect for layering over a suit or a tucked-in polo shirt for events in colder months. Originally worn by sailors and navy members, peacoats are ideal for semi-formal occasions like dinner parties. Pairing a dark navy or black peacoat with denim jeans creates a classic and easy-to-style outfit. You can even find affordable options with a premium look, featuring multiple buttons and a large collar.

Now that you’re familiar with the various styles of men’s jackets, go ahead and try out something trendy from your wardrobe today.

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