Choosing the Best Recycled Fabric Garments From Ace Hero


Recycling has become a significant part of modern living. We recycle wood, metal, glass, and even certain fabrics. As the sustainable living movement grows bigger each year, many people turn to companies that offer recycled fabric garments in their collections.

The problem is that some of the items available are too expensive or falsely advertised. If you’re searching for stylish yet eco-friendly clothing, Ace Hero has excellent options to consider.

Their garments are made from recycled polyester, a material that merits attention. We’re here to tell you more about it and introduce some amazing items from their collection.


Browsing Through the Recycled Garments Collection

Before we get into the benefits of wearing recycled polyester, we should talk about its potential in terms of design. One of the reasons why traditional polyester is so prevalent in the fast fashion industry is its versatility – almost anything can be made from it.

Ace Hero has taken that quality and combined it with high-quality recycled polyester to make some gorgeous tops for women.

Long-Sleeve Shirts

Are you looking for a satin-like long-sleeve shirt made from recycled fabric? Ace Hero has three unique pieces in their collection.

One of the most popular options is the regular fit shirt made from 60% recycled polyester. This is a traditional and timeless item that will match with office attire or a pair of jeans. The fabric is soft, flowy, and, most importantly, eco-friendly.

If you’re searching for equally elegant fashion clothing but with a little bit more flair, perhaps consider the tie collar blouse or bow neck satin blouse.

The tie collar blouse also features a unique sleeve design, and both are the perfect choice for the office and an evening out. All of the long-sleeve shirts at Ace Hero are available in white, black, hazelnut, ice blue, and sage colours.

Cami Tops

Recycled fabric garments can be perfect for a formal occasion, but they’re also suitable for a fun night out or a party. Compared to traditional tank tops that typically have wide straps, these camisole tops feature spaghetti straps.

In the Ace Hero recycled polyester collection, you can find cami tops options. First, we have the round collar cami top available in five different colours.

It looks great and feels comfortable during the summer, but it is also the perfect layer underneath a cosy sweater.

The second option is the satin strappy cowl neck cami top with lace on the back. This top is the epitome of effortless elegance and is available in black, white, sage, hazelnut, and ice blue.


The typical t-shirt is either made from cotton or traditional polyester. In their recycled fabric garments collection, Ace Hero offers a gorgeous 60% recycled polyester t-shirt.

This classic short-sleeve satin-like shirt is an excellent choice for those who want to transition from plain t-shirts into something a little more formal without losing their sense of personal style. The neckline contains 2% elastane, making putting on and taking off this shirt easy, even without buttons.

Why Choose Recycled Polyester?

There are many ways to be environmentally conscious when wearing more sustainable clothing.

Many major brands choose organic cotton or silk to create tops and shirts for their customers. But these materials aren’t without their problems.

Wearing clothing made from recycled polyester has several great benefits. The yarn used to create this garment is made from recycled PET water bottles, which means that every bottle used for the shirt doesn’t end up in landfill and, subsequently, the ocean.

Furthermore, compared to “virgin polyester”, the recycled version of the material requires far less water and energy consumption. Plus, a shirt made from recycled polyester can be recycled numerous times.

Finally, recycled polyester is more versatile compared to natural and sustainable fabrics such as hemp, denim, or bamboo.

Investing in Sustainable Shopping

Trying to incorporate more eco-friendly fashion choices into your wardrobe is an admirable effort. But it’s not always easy, as some garments either have ambiguous labels or are simply too expensive.

Many choose to venture into thrifting and buying second-hand garments, but that has its limitations as well. Shopping at Ace Hero for shirts, blouses, cami tops, and t-shirts made from recycled polyester is a fantastic way to wear sustainable clothing and feel great while doing so.

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