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Get ready to dazzle your clients with your professionalism and amazing style when you unveil this Makeup Case. The brilliant finish will shimmer in any light.

Bonus is that the aluminum trim and reinforced corners will stand up to travel wear and tear. When you open this stunner up, you will be able to use everything from brush holders and accordion trays, to a spacious lower section for larger items.

La Sacca Extendable Train Makeup Case by Sunrise

Sacca Extendable

Giacinto Gallina Train Makeup Case by JustCase

Giacinto Gallina

Giustinia Train Makeup Case with 4 trays by Hiker


Giustinia Train

Rucella Train Makeup Case by Ver Beauty

Rucella Train

 Frescada Train Makeup Case by Sunrise

Frescada Train

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