How to fix the garage door after pulling the red cord


Hanging from the carriage, the red cord allows you to close the garage door or open it manually.  So, how to fix the garage door after pulling the red cord?

In this article, you’ll find out how to fix that.


After pulling the red cord, how to fix the garage door

The steps below will guide you!

  • The garage door should be returned to its original position. Additionally, make sure all sensors are working and the surrounding area is clear of obstructions when fixing the garage door. As you prepare to reengage a garage door, you are protected.
  • Adjust the release handle if necessary if it is not on the door track.
  • Reattach the emergency pull by pulling the red cord toward the garage door, away from the motor.
  • The spring should retract back into its original position after a click. A sound indicates that the spring lever has been retracted and the opener has been reactivated.
  • You can use the remote opener to reconnect the carriage to the trolley, or you can slide the door along the track until the attachment point is re-engaged.
  • After you have successfully reset the garage door opener, push the opener button to confirm. Ideally, the door should operate smoothly and without difficulty.

That’s how you can fix the garage door after pulling the red cord. That’s it. If you have any questions related to the topic then you can hit the comment section below.

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