Planning to Buy your First Ever Real Fur Coat?

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Be it for flaunting during this festive season, or for making your presence at a special occasion more stylish and fashionable, you definitely need a real fur coat or jacket. Real fur always manages to set its wearers apart in any crowd. Classy and elegant, distinguished and exclusive, such jackets and coats serve to be life time investments; hence, they need to be chosen and purchased with a lot of care. Here, we have shortlisted some valuable tips that will help you evaluate whether the fur coat chosen by you is manufactured from real fur or not. These important factors of consideration will help you complete your purchase in the shortest possible time.


Fake or Real?

Though it may sound a little uncanny, there are plenty of people out there who find it difficult to differentiate between a fake and real mink jacket. Given this, it is important to go through the following checklist before you choose to buy a real fur coat

  • Touch the fur’s surface to gauge its softness levels. Real fur will always be silkier and smoother than fake fur.
  • Look out for labels; branded products are generally of better quality and made of real fur rather than their cheaper and poor-quality alternatives.
  • Perform an inner lining check to figure out the authenticity of the fur in the reckoning.
  • The hair belong to real animals would taper down to a fine point, this is a no-no with fake fur.
  • How about performing the burn test? Just remove a few strands of hair from the coat or jacket that you wish to purchase and hold them against a lighter. In case the fur is real you will get a smell that’s akin to the one emanated when human hair is lighted. Fake fur is generally manufactured from polyester or acrylic and gives off the smell of burnt plastic when set aflame.

Full Skin or Cropped Coats

Most good fur coat tailors would strive to use the best sections of the skin available to them. These fur parts usually impart a softer feel and possess a higher density. In general, the fur on the belly and back of the animal is used for the purpose while the hair on the tail, legs, head and certain damaged portions are removed. Furriers acquire these fur parts to create squarish pleters that come in handy for making jackets, coats and vests.

Given this, a fur coat manufactured from whole skin tends to be costlier than the one made from cropped skin; such coats are reckoned to be of superior quality as well. It is easy to assess a cropped and lower-quality fur coat from its pattern and form. If you take a close look, you will find that the fur pieces in use are not similar or symmetrical to each other. These and other related things to consider will help you understand the difference between real and fake fur types and the right ways of gauging the authenticity of your purchase.

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