5 Types Of Fur Clothing You Must Know About

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Fur clothes have always been in use since the ancient times. While it is true that its utility lies in offering warmth, fur clothing is also seen as a sign of wealth and luxury. And if you are looking to purchase a few fur clothes, then you need to educate yourself as to the different types of furs available in the market. Below, we look at five types of furs widely used in the clothing industry.


Mink Fur

Mink is one of the most sold furs in the world. And what makes it very popular among buyers is its soft texture and lighter weight. Mink furs are often the preferred choice of female buyers who are looking to buy their first ever fur coat.  Mink furs are easily recognizable by their dark brown color and have a longer life when compared to certain other types of furs. You can get a Mink fur garment from $1000. But if you are looking for high quality Mink furs, then you will have pay a lot more.

Fox Fur

Fox fur clothing has always been hugely popular among people, especially due to its excellently fluffy texture. It is usually characterized by luscious, long guard hairs and is best for high fashion trim, whether it be on wraps, collars or cuffs. Clothes made of fox fur come in various natural colors like white, red, grey etc. They are also dyed with other colors to create highly stylistic effects.

Chinchilla Fur

One of the softest furs in the clothing industry, Chinchilla fur has more than 20,000 hair per square cm, making it the fur with the highest hair density in the world. It is also highly regarded for the exceptional warmth it provides its wearer. The ultra-silky feel of the fur makes it a favorite in the luxurious market segment.

Lamb Fur

Lamb fur is known to be far more affordable than other types of furs, and provides exceptional warmth. The Tibetan and Mongolian lamb furs are in high demand, mostly because of its longhaired, curly hairs that provide a voluminous style to the clothing. It is considered ideal for sport style clothes.

Rabbit Fur

Rabbit fur is very silky in its looks and is also a very affordable choice if you are looking for a warm and lightweight fur clothing. The material can easily be dyed to create beautiful, unique looks.

In addition to the above, you can also choose from other fur types like lynx, beaver, coyote and so on. Each type will have its own characteristics and specialties. Know them, compare the prices and then choose a fur clothing that suits your budget. You can also visit Furclearinghouse.com if you want to buy high quality fur clothing without burning a hole in your pocket.

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