4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Deciding to Alter Your Fur

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If you have been using your fur for too long, then it may be time for you to alter it so that you can use it in a new way. However, there are some things you need to know before considering an alteration. And below, we take a brief look at four tips you must keep in mind when deciding to alter the fur.


Check If Coat Is ready For Alteration

The first thing to do is to make sure that the coat is indeed ready for fur alterations. And this mostly applies to vintage coats only. So, inspect the coat and make sure that it is in a sufficiently good enough condition that it can withstand the grueling process of alteration. If the coat appears too withered and dried out, then it may probably be a good idea not to send it for alteration since the coat might get damaged, and you will end up wasting money. However, if the coat is sturdy, then you can move ahead with the alteration process.

Decide Type of Alteration

Next, you need to decide how the fur needs to be altered. And in this regard, you will have many options. For one, you can consider hemming where you can lengthen or shorten the hem as per your wish. Secondly, you can try changing the color of the fur by dyeing them. This can give an entirely new look to your coat. However, be cautious since all coats cannot be dyed. Thirdly, you can try shearing the coat. This will allow you to shorten the length of the fur hair. And despite what you might think, cutting down the hair length does make a huge impact on the way the coat looks.

Visit a Furrier Service

Once you have decided the type of alteration required, you can visit the furrier. You might feel a tendency to do the alteration by yourself. But we recommend that you avoid such temptations. If you try to alter it by yourself, then there is a good chance that you might end up damaging it and make it unusable. This is why professional furriers are recommended. They have all the required tools and long years of experience to take proper care of your fur clothing and alter it in the exact way you want without damaging it.

Avoid Wastage

Once you get the fur altered, there will obviously be some wastage. And considering how expensive fur is, it should be understandable why it is necessary that you use the leftover fur for something else. For example, you may be able to attach the fur to your shoes or collars of some shirts to make them more impactful. As such, you should remember to talk with the furrier to see what options you have available for using the waste fur.

So, make sure to have the above points in mind when considering altering your fur, and you will get better results from the process.

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