Giving is Gaining -Donate Your Old Clothes Responsibly

Giving is Gaining -Donate Your Old Clothes Responsibly

Have you decluttered your wardrobe? Thinking of what to do with the disused clothes? Why not add value to someone’s life by donating your old clothes to them? There are many local and international organizations which collect old clothing for the underprivileged. These clothing come handy not just for the poor, but also for disaster victims during calamities. Some countries even give tax deductions if you have a receipt of your donation.

Giving is Gaining -Donate Your Old Clothes Responsibly

Finding the right NGO

If you’re considering to donate clothes to charity, you will come across many NGOs to help you. But sometimes many people get duped in the process, and their items are collected by phonies, who in turn sell these clothes to make extra cash. If you have donated clothes which are in absolutely good condition, but which are not in trend, some charities could even sell them back to the store. So how do you select the right organization? You need to take a little effort to do some research. Local churches, homeless shelters and women’s shelters are some good places to consider. By donating to these places, you can be assured that there are no middlemen involved who could misuse your items. You can also check with your friends if they’re aware of renowned charities, or even browse the web to explore newly established goodwill organizations.

Ensure your clothes you donate are in wearable condition

There are a lot of people who are under the impression that all charities accept soiled clothing. Unfortunately this is not true. Many charities have a hard time disposing of damaged clothing, and spend a hefty amount every year to get rid of them. Most goodwill organizations recommend repurposing worn clothing. You could use them as cleaning rags or even as padding for your sofas. It is always good if you could fix something before donating. For instance, if you have pairs of jeans with broken zips or shirts with missing buttons, it would be a good idea to mend them before donating.

The best thing to gift the needy this holiday season

Bring a smile to a child’s face by making a donation this Christmas. There are many poor children, who have never experienced the joy of being gifted something. Instead of buying Christmas ornaments or new clothes, why not give these children a reason to smile, and to feel like they’re remembered? There are many people who have been donating old clothing to the needy, and continue to do so as a tradition during this holy season. Find a local organization that could assist you with this.

An eco-friendly way to save the environment

Another reason to recycle old clothing is because it is an excellent way to help the environment. Recycling old clothing helps in decreasing landfill waste, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and thereby conserves energy. When charities are unable to give away some of the items they’ve received, they contact textile recyclers to convert these clothing into new materials.

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