Know How to Use Necklace According to the Types of Necklines

agate necklace

Want practical tips on how to use necklace to compose the look? Know that some tricks guarantee a stylish look. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on them to use the accessory to your advantage and rock it around.

First, it is important to correctly choose the type of necklace that will be used with each look. Then, consider the occasion. Thus, you will complement your look with a piece that will give a huge prominence in the composition.

agate necklace

In this post, we list some tips to show you how to use different types of necklaces with different necklines. Read on to check it out!

The types of necklines will directly influence the choice of necklaces. That’s because each neckline enhances or hides a part of the neck. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a piece that fits perfectly in that exposed skin space. Follow the tips!

V Neckline

The V neckline is one of the most democratic in existence, as it goes well with all types of necklaces. Yes, we are not exaggerating, it looks beautiful with a choker close to the neck, but it also does not lose its charm when used agate necklace created in a bold glossy galaxy look made with resin by artist Jenga.

Neckline canoe

The canoe neckline narrows the options of necklaces a little. In this case, you can choose a shorter necklace like the choker we mentioned above, or a long, thin piece that passes at least three centimeters from the neckline height. This length is important so that the necklace does not get inside the clothes and causes a disharmonious visual effect.

Asymmetrical neckline

The asymmetrical neckline intends to be the protagonist of the look, therefore, it would even dispense with the use of some type of necklace. Only if you are one of those who do not give up this accessory, do not worry. Just choose a thinner and more discreet model that is also close to the neck so as not to steal the scene from the neckline and create imbalance in appearance.

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